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File - Download Mirror v1.5.0

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Mirror v1.5.0

Mirror copies a directory to another location. If the destination directory
already exists, Mirror only copies the files that have been added, modified,
or deleted compared to the source directory.

Mirror is especially adapted to frequent backups. Compared to a classical
directory copy, it saves time by only copying new or modified files. Moreover,
when Mirror detects that a file is no more present in the source directory, it
deletes it from the destination directory too. This saves disk space if you
rename or move files.

Mirror is a command line tool, without graphical interface.
It can be easily used in scripts and BATCH files.

How to install Mirror?

Choose the EXE file matching your Windows version:
- 64-bit: take Mirror64.exe;
- 32-bit Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8: take MirrorNT.exe;
- 32-bit Windows 95/98/ME: take Mirror9x.exe.

Copy the file to C:\Windows for Mirror to be accessible without having
to specify its full path. You can then launch Mirror from a console box.

You can rename the file MirrorXX.exe you have chosen to Mirror.exe
or any other name.

How do I use Mirror?

Typical use:
C:\MyFiles is the source directory
E:\Backup\MyFiles is the destination directory

Ensure the destination directory E:\Backup\MyFiles exists, by creating it if
necessary. Mirror does not create the destination directory automatically to
avoid mistakes.

Then, open a console box ( ou cmd.exe) and type:
mirror.exe C:\MyFiles E:\Backup\MyFiles

You can automate the full procedure by creating a BATCH file
(.bat extension) containing those two lines:

@echo off
mirror.exe C:\MyFiles E:\Backup\MyFiles

Why has Mirror problems with modification times?

When using Mirror with the source directory in a NTFS partition
and the destination directory in a FAT16 or FAT32 partition,
time precision issues may occur. Modification times in FAT partitions
are rounded to the nearest 2 seconds, while modification times
in NTFS partitions are very precise (100 nanoseconds). This limitation
explains why files you just mirrored may not have exactly the same
modification time.

By default, Mirror tries to avoid time precision problems by considering
that modification times having a difference less than 5 seconds as equal.
You can adjust this precision with the --time-precision option.

Moreover, FAT partitions modification times are local: they take into account
the timezone and the daylight saving time. Mirror converts FAT modification
times to universal time (UTC) before comparing times, supposing that the FAT
partition has the same timezone as your PC. This is sufficient in most
cases, but not if you change your timezone in Windows settings, or if you use
external drives coming from a foreign country together with your own local drives.

If default settings don't work for you, you have two options:
- Enable --log-time-diff option to print time difference, then set options
--time-shift and --time-precision accordingly.
- Use the --time-compare-contents option to compare files contents when they
have different modification times. This will be safer than the option above,
and still faster than rewriting all files.
Both methods will update the modification time of all destination files,
including the ones which have not been updated.

What are Mirror options?

Launch the program without any argument to display the full help.

Usage: mirror <destination directory> [options]

Mirrors copies and/or deletes files in the destination directory to make it
identical to the source directory.

Mirror considers all files and sub-directories of the source and destination
directories, recursively unless --no-recurse is set.

With at least one --include or --exclude set, Mirror considers only the files
that either match at least one pattern (--include) or match none of them
(--exclude), ignoring all other files or directories as if they did not exist.
When ignoring a directory, Mirror always ignores all its files and
sub-directories recursively, even if some of them match an --include pattern.

By default, compares files by size and modification time to determine whether
to update the file in the destination directory. See below for how to change
that behavior.

If no --exclude nor --include option is specified, examines all files.

Returns 0 on success, 1 on error.

--help, -h, -?, /?
Display this help.

-x=<pattern>, --exclude=<pattern>
Ignore the files and directories whose full path matches the pattern.
Cannot be used with --include options.
Specify the option multiple times to exclude multiple patterns.
The pattern can use wildcards: `?' matches exactly one character; `*' matches
any number of characters, possibly none. Examples: *.txt, *\.git, *.i??
Enclose the whole option in quotes if it contains spaces.

-i=<pattern>, --include=<pattern>
Ignores all files and directories but those whole full path matches the pattern.
Cannot be used with --exclude options.
Specify the option multiple times to include multiple patterns.
See --exclude above for details.

-v, --virtual
Virtual mode, aka dry run: do not alter any file, only read files and print
logging information.

-ua, --unset-archive
Unset the archive attribute of mirrored files in the source directory.

-nr, --no-recurse
Do not recurse in subdirectories.

-nj, --no-junctions
Do not recurse in junction directories.

-nd, --no-delete
Never delete files from the destination directory, even if they are not found in
the source directory.

-na, --no-add
Never add files to the destination directory, even if they are found in the
source directory and missing in the destination directory.

-nu, --no-update
Never update files to the destination directory, even if they are found in the
source directory and different.

-nm, --no-meta
Do not update file metadata in the destination directory when it is the only
difference: attributes, last modification time, filename case.

-ct[=y/n], --compare-time[=y/n], enabled by default
Take modification time into account to compare files.

-cs[=y/n], --compare-size[=y/n], enabled by default
Take file size into account to compare files.

-ca[=y/n], --compare-archive[=y/n]
Take archive attributes into account to compare files. Files in source directory
with the archive attribute set are considered as different from the matching
file in the destination directory.

-cc[=y/n], --compare-contents[=y/n]
Compare the files contents byte per byte. Slow but accurate.

-tcc[=y/n], --time-compare-contents[=y/n]
If the files don't have the same modification time, compare them in the
same way as --compare-contents above and do not take the modification times into

-fsf[=y/n], --time-shift-fat[=y/n], enabled by default
Convert FAT files times from local to system time before comparing them, to
avoid daylight saving time problems.

-tp[=number], --time-precision[=number], 5 by default
Precision for time comparison, in seconds. Useful to solve FAT time issues.

-ts[=number], --time-shift[=number], 0 by default
The time shift to apply to destination files, in seconds. Can be negative.
Useful to solve FAT time issues.

-tm[=y/n], --time-meta[=y/n]
Mirror last modification times as part of file metadata updates.

-lh[=y/n], --log-header[=y/n], enabled by default
Display the mirroring header, indicating the mirrored directories.

-lc[=y/n], --log-changes[=y/n], enabled by default
Log all file changes: files copied, updated, or deleted.

-le[=y/n], --log-equal[=y/n]
Log identical files (thus not altered).

-li[=y/n], --log-ignored[=y/n]
Log files ignored due to --no-delete, --no-add, or --no-update.

-lcc[=y/n], --log-compare-contents[=y/n], enabled by default
Display file names when they are compared byte per byte.

-ltd[=y/n], --log-time-diff[=y/n]
Display modification time difference of compared files, taking into account all
time shifting options.

-lm[=y/n], --log-meta[=y/n], enabled by default
Log files having their meta information updated: attributes, modification time,
file name case.

-ld[=y/n], --log-directories[=y/n]
Display directories name when they are analyzed.

-ll[=y/n], --log-list[=y/n]
Display only the list of affected files, without operation names and directory

-lo[=y/n], --log-oem[=y/n], enabled by default
Output filenames using OEM (DOS) charset. Disable this option if you plan to use
the log results in a Win32 script or program.

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