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File - Download Process Hacker v3.0.4706

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Process Hacker v3.0.4706

A free, powerful, multi-purpose tool that helps you monitor system resources, debug software and detect malware.

Graphs and statistics allow you quickly to track down resource hogs and runaway processes.

Use Ctrl+I to view system performance information. Move your cursor over a graph to get a tooltip with information about the data point under your cursor. You can double-click the graph to see information about the process at that data point, even if the process is no longer running.

Can't edit or delete a file? Discover which processes are using that file.

Use Ctrl+F to search for a handle or DLL. If all else fails, you can right-click an entry and close the handle associated with the file. However, this should only be used as a last resort and can lead to data loss and corruption.

See what programs have active network connections, and close them if necessary.

Use Ctrl+I to view system performance information. Move your cursor over a graph to get a tooltip with information about the data point under your cursor. You can double-click the graph to see information about the process at that data point, even if the process is no longer running.

See a hightly detailed overview of system activity with highlighting.

Add extra columns to show even more system activity and information!

Get real-time information on disk access.

This may look very similar to the Disk Activity feature in Resource Monitor, but Process Hacker has a few more features!

Get real-time information on disk usage.

Enable disk statistics for detailed disk usage information.

View detailed stack traces with kernel-mode, WOW64 and .NET support.

Hover your cursor over the first column (with the numbers) to view parameter and line number information when available.

Get real-time information on network usage.

Enable network adapter statistics for detailed information network usage information.

Go beyond services.msc: create, edit and control services.

By default, Process Hacker shows entries for drivers in addition to normal user-mode services. You can turn this off by checking View > Hide Driver Services.

Get real-time information on gpu usage.

By default, Process Hacker shows gpu usage for all processes. Hover your cursor over the graph for detailed information when available.

Fix PhGetThreadServiceTag regression on Windows 8.1

We are taking a stand!! -The Older Geeks

This program, like many other, are increasingly being flagged as "Riskware" by major anti-virus programs.
Why? Well, we believe it's because these anti-virus companies are overstepping their bounds.

Here is one company's definition of "Riskware"

"Programs might be termed as “riskware” because they:
  • Violate the terms of service (ToS) of other software or a user platform.
  • Block another application or software from being updated and patched.
  • Might be illegal to use in the users’ country.
  • Could be used as a backdoor for other malware.
  • Are indicative of the presence of other malware."

As you can see, A whole gob of coulds, cans and mights.
We call B.S. !! This is not what we are paying these companies for.
  • Stop being lazy by flagging everything so you appear more relevant.
  • Stop picking on the hobbyists who want more out of their computers.
  • Stop hurting the reputation of hard-working developers.
  • Stop hurting the reputation of websites who host their software (like us).

Your job is to find malicious software. Not play nanny.

This concludes our rant. Go get that software!
-Randy and Deanna (The Older Geeks)

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Downloads Views Developer Last Update Version Size Type Rank
1,206 2,933 Wen Jia Liu <img src=""border="0"> Mar 24, 2022 - 12:04 3.0.4706 6.64MB ZIP 5/5, out of 12 Votes.
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v3.0.4706  Process  Hacker  
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