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File - Download Safe Exam Browser v2.3 (Windows)

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Safe Exam Browser v2.3 (Windows)

Safe Exam Browser – SEB for Windows opens a web browser window without navigation elements and locks the computer into a kiosk mode, which prevents from switching to other applications or quitting SEB untimely. SEB enables secure exams on unmanaged computers like students' own laptops as well as in managed environments. Currently SEB integrates with the wide spread learning management systems (LMS) Moodle, ILIAS and OpenOLAT and several commercial and non-commercial exam systems, as for example Inspera Assessment. Generally it can easily be used with most web-based online quiz and e-assessment systems.

The manual explains how to configure and use SEB for Windows from the perspective of exam administrators. SEB is a very flexible and modular tool, therefore documentation for examinees on how to use SEB with individual exam setups and the various exam systems it works with should be provided by the institution using SEB or their e-assessment provider.


SEB disables the options of the Windows Security Screen (invoked by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del), namely Lock (this Computer), Switch User, Sign out (Log off), Change a password, (Start) Task Manager, Shut down, Restart and Ease of Access. It disables the Windows Task Bar and the Start Menu (button in the lower left corner of the screen), the App/Task/Window Switcher (invoked by Alt-Tab and Windows-Tab), printing. It can also be set whether users can quit SEB and if it is required to enter a quit password to do so.

Its possible to configure SEB to quit after the exam is submitted without having to enter a quit password by specifying a quit link and placing this on the summary page displayed by the LMS after submitting the exam.

In the browser window there is no right mouse (or Shift-F10) click popup window available. Besides that, the browser is supporting Java and Flash content (as long as the required plugins are installed on the system).

SEB detects when it was started in a virtual instead of a native environment and refuses to run. This virtual machine detector hinders manipulating SEB further when used in unmanaged environments.

SEB for Windows is based on the Mozilla Firefox/Gecko engine (in contrast to the WebKit browser engine used by SEB for macOS, which is also used by Safari and some open source browsers).

SEB for Windows can be used together with additional (third party) applications during an exam. You can download and open files linked in your online exam, edit it in a third party application and then upload the results to your online quiz/LMS again.

From version 2.0 SEB uses encrypted .seb setting files which allow to individually configure SEB per exam. Also see the how to use SEB 2.0 document explaining the concept behind SEB 2.x.

Please understand that you also have to configure your exam system correctly to be locked down securely. SEB is generally locking down exam client computers only, not the exam system or the quiz module of a learning management system. Check documentation for your exam/learning management system on how to lock it down correctly.

Operating System

SEB for Windows is running on 32-bit and 64-bit PCs with the following operating systems:

Windows 7
Windows 8/8.1
Window 10

August 30, 2019
Release notes Safe Exam Browser for Windows version 2.3:

SEB 2.3 for Windows offers new features, which increase security and usability significantly.

Implemented private clipboard (optional, see Security tab). When enabled, cut/copy/paste works only with content inside the SEB browser, the private clipboard doesn't accept content from other applications or tools.
Added zooming of browser windows using the Ctrl +/- shortcuts.
Now the option "Allow downloading and uploading files" is supported in SEB for Windows, downloading and uploading (only when the website is using standard form elements) files can be disabled with this option (Down-/Uploads tab).
The dialog "Open File With... Safe Exam Browser" is no longer displayed unless the option "Open files after downloading" is enabled (Down-/Uploads tab).
Enabled SpeechSynthesis API
Fixed issue when opening a PDF with a link to be opened in a new browser window (target = _blank or JavaScript open), a second, empty browser window was opened.
Deactivated printing in the built-in PDF.js viewer, as that opened a security hole.
Now it's possible to open an embedded PDF file (embedded Additional Resource) when starting a SEB session, instead of a Start URL.
mailto: links are now being ignored.
Fixed bug with last allowed application not starting and all started applications not closing when using SEB without browser.
SEB now can connect to some servers which are using Basic Authentication.
Fixed issue with quitting SEB when Firefox was running.
More eligible SSL/TLS certificates are displayed in the list "Choose TLS/SSL certificate to embed into configuration..." and the one for CA certificates in SEB Config Tool / Network / Certificates.

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