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 Home » Freeware Downloads » Network Monitoring and Hacks » Termshark v2.2.0   
File - Download Termshark v2.2.0

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Termshark v2.2.0

A terminal UI for tshark, inspired by Wireshark

Termshark is a simple terminal user-interface for tshark.


You're debugging on a remote machine and need to study a pcap.
You don't want to copy it back to your desktop.
You're familiar with Wireshark.


Read pcap files or sniff live interfaces (where tshark is permitted)
Filter pcaps or live captures using Wireshark's display filters
Reassemble and inspect TCP and UDP flows
View network conversations by protocol
Copy ranges of packets to the clipboard from the terminal
Written in Golang, compiles to a single executable on each platform - downloads available for Linux, macOS, BSD variants, Android (termux) and Windows

This download is for the Windows version. Other distros below.

e073727 A first attempt to make termshark themeable
962362d A function to construct a color by looking it up in the config file
e10382a A limited function to build a widget containing scrollable text
1722d07 A minibuffer command to load a new pcap file
b9d4e1e A minibuffer option to set the preferred terminal type
9c8d532 A new callback handler for pcap operations
654a4aa A new minibuffer command to clear the filter and apply it
709b15f A reworking of the tshark pcap loaders
afd03cd A simple type that formats PSML for display in a dialog
b090f05 A simple widget to display the termshark log file
410a81a A simpler way to detect when a live packet source is ready
1c2a84f A small struct to track vim key-chord state
e1fa8cf A widget to provide a vim "last-line" or emacs "minibuffer"
66c7cdc A widget to translate specific keys into key sequences
74850d4 Add Sean Abbott as a contributor for the arm64 PR.
a453ee8 Add a FAQ for tshark-args question by @zoulja
b63d148 Add a note to the user guide on limiting disk cache growth
4e6354f Add bug contributions from @zoulja
e18e42a Add h, j, k and l navigation to the ChangeLog
d333720 Add information on termshark themes to the user guide
aa8a182 Add more users to contributors list for vim suggestions and feedback
69b9111 Add some vim-key awareness to termshark!
5085437 Add the cursor keys to the macros help dialog
e9cb8b7 Add the location of the config and log files to the FAQ
765ca7a Add the minibuffer to the ChangeLog, for the record
2c81218 Add theme and no-theme commands to in-application help
2e8bb74 Add theme and no-theme minibuffer commands
54075aa Add themes to the ChangeLog
50033b6 Add vim-key navigation to the hexdumper widget
96f7d7c Adds a few more in-app help screens
b6d59cd Adjust pcap loaders to avoid race conditions
7e07a52 Allow use of the end key to resume packet auto-scrolling
c0dbaa0 An API to open a dialog that features scrollable text
3453855 An adaptor to allow vim navigation of termshark's various tables
3bdedd9 Another guess to fix the unpredictable test failures
1e31f81 Another iteration of loader changes
60727e2 Another try
51e1a10 Assorted improvements to the minibuffer
300c5de Attempted fix build break on Travis CI
308da69 Be more precise about which keypresses are accepted
680f0fd Better UX when using h, j, k, and l to navigate
1c91cf1 Better color interpolation when base16-shell is in use
4d16242 Better control of a display filter error message
2f28793 Better tab-completion behavior when multiple options match
cefaefb Bug fix - these dialogs didn't open!
b671ee3 Bug fix for a possible deadlock
26db525 Change default behavior of the Escape key
ab0e8d6 Change minibuffer clear function to clear-packets
fa38931 Change the capinfos loading procedure, following convs + streams
43ec082 Changelog update for freebsd pipe fix
b51a445 Compile-in some simple themes
b974917 Consolidate the common candidate functions for the minibuffer
32a152f Correct mistaken XDG cache directory location
fea0326 Debug test 4
558140a Disable my crummy UI tests for now until I understand the failures
44034c8 Document new features for a future 2.2 release
91c9533 Don't panic - get the size by rendering the child
5132d71 Dup2() is not available on these platforms
bc0c2fb Eliminate a misleading warning message about failing to kill a proc
3cd954b Emit command lines in the log file in a more useful way
b6f7b5b Ensure conversation view is regenerated appropriately
e8f9435 Fifo support was broken - this is a fix
86c7df9 Fix a build break on Go < 1.14
acb2542 Fix a regression I introduced with recent loader changes
13d4b88 Fix a search-and-replace error that led to theme warnings
ff872c7 Fix a theme-loading problem on Windows
d261f16 Fix a typo in the help
0f91bf1 Fix broken theme command when COLORTERM=truecolor
75df850 Fix numbering snafu in without-root question
dca6137 Fix occasional failed execution of jump to global mark
085ff40 Fix reading from a pipe on freebsd
95c4cfe Fix some doc mistakes
acd39b6 Fix the TOC anchor...
c8a9641 Fix typos in the user guide
880e9a2 Fix up some theme inconsistencies.
e631890 Fixes #84
8832c09 Fixes a bug in the minibuffer/cmdline when nothing has been typed
a77ccd8 Fixes a bug loading a recent pcap after a clear operation
7238bfc Fixes an off-by-one error
b46d778 Fixes mark commands to work when pcap is filtered and table sorted
2eda27c For now, the minibuffer palette is hardcoded
8a7b443 Formatting
d58dd11 Further improvements to the PSML loading sequence
206a443 Go 1.11 does not have Cmd.ProcessState.ExitCode...
a6ce236 Guesswork to make the travis tests more reliable
23bd76f Have the display filter respect all typical up/down keys
9d8bba6 Hide QuitRequestChannel sends behind an API function
0865bc4 How embarrassing - the quick start install instructions don't work...
df99ba1 I broke the ability to enter j and k in the display filter
da4ad3b It's useful to return the dialog
ab80a10 Jumping to a global mark didn't work if the pcap was already loaded
0222532 Keep TOC for longer docs, and make home page more concise
289c18a Keep the Changelog up-to-date with unreleased work
88305e2 Keep track of processes killed in the termshark log file
4aef081 Latest gowid - so that vim.KeyPress implements gowid.IKey
51d4b12 Let the user know when a mark is successfully set
2edf53d Load the configured theme at startup
e0a9f3f Long overdue - starting to think about some basic black box tests
50f7642 Make sure termshark's screen color range is correctly set
440a5ec Make sure that file-local marks are cleared when clear is invoked
1722816 Make sure the ChangeLog is up-to-date
e24e6c0 Make sure the mischievous shark fin disappears with any UI input
e006962 Make sure window offsets are saved to the toml file when changed
ea209bb Make the cmdline border UI element themeable
4ca37e7 Make the dialog from OpenError available for registering callbacks
6142eb7 Maybe I am missing the timeout command?
0ec7ce5 Mention NetBSD and OpenBSD binaries in the ChangeLog
9a5fe2f Merge branch 'centosbug92'
2b16e4f Merge branch 'master' into v22docs
29c429c Merge branch 'master' into v22docs
c205693 Merge branch 'master' into v22docs
3f2c132 Merge branch 'v22docs'
958fe26 Merge pull request #85 from pocc/master
2516dc6 Merge pull request #90 from sean-abbott/master
d705192 More CLI and UI tests for termshark.
41bb24d More changes to the packet loaders
4650482 More theme tweaks - this time for stream reassembly
00d0658 Move modeswap underneath a new theme directory
291e18b Need a better approach...
1e31439 Not sure how to make viper remove items from the toml!
2dba578 Not sure yet why this doesn't run on travis but does locally
46fad8f Note that the z key can maximize or restore a dialog
cf55f11 Open the minibuffer if the user hits ":"
9e8ab59 Overhaul the way I am handling themes
47d1dd7 Plumb the new log-viewing widget into termshark's UI
d755385 Prefer the functions to direct field access
df5ad6b Prevent a race allowing the submission of an invalid filter
bf98581 Prevent cursor keys from moving between packet views
121bd32 Properly validate the first argument of a cmdline "map" command
7a2d301 Publish binaries for NetBSD and OpenBSD too.
796f4cf Re-enable auto-scrolling with the G key too
69b4335 Re-read the toml config if it's changed
88f0374 Ready for a new release...
6ce2f4e Rearrange PSML loading code in the same manner as the other loaders
df53ec6 Reconcile vim.KeyPress with gowid.Key
5c897de Refine last-line mode to allow typing when focus is on the selctions
7d67260 Regenerate the built-in theme database
c2cb4b6 Regenerate the built-in themes before release
62c3f2a Reinstate the timeout - next to debug test 4.
a752227 Remove all hard-coded colors!
ab7c1fa Removing very outdated tests that don't work
9690b99 Restructure the psml loader too
2e313b0 Result of running go mod tidy
59c9b3a Rethink how menus are instantiated in termshark
592f588 Return to correct UI view after maximize/minimize
78cf195 Return true if a toml config key exists
3bb9128 Run the 1.15 Go build first
81fd807 Save per-terminal-mode theme settings
8a46b89 See if travis supports building with go 1.15...
75479e2 Several new minibuffer commands
2204fa2 Simplify file descriptor handling for piped input
56ba55a Simplify the pcap and pdml loaders
97dede5 Some ropey hacks to try to better display long error messages
416c913 Speed up the simple UI tests
b8ee6ac Support enabling debug-mode via the config file too
6a54009 Support for a new variable, main.pager
c33f006 Support quotes arguments in the minibuffer
7ea620e Table bug fix from the latest gowid
dab271f Take 2
cc66871 Take 2...
1c95b8d Templates used for constructing the new "marks" and "map" dialogs
761b032 Termshark commands to make file-local and global marks
8c30642 Test cases for processing of various input types
287dffe Test to see if I can build with go 1.14
207b1e5 Test to see if the UI runs - very rudimentary.
20391c4 The minimum version of Go required now is 1.12
a05e77b The unused color should not be scoped to themes now
7934226 This is a relic of my first themes implementation
44175ed This is failing on travis - not sure why yet.
9800dd4 This is to test a fix for a tshark error on Centos
efcc3d3 This shortcut is no longer needed.
6f951c3 Timeout not working on travis...
2c52c9d Try to track down why my tests are still failing
20ec126 Try to work out where travis puts the installed go binary
879aa49 Tweak the Ubuntu installation instructions
7469378 Tweak the front page to make the ChangeLog more obvious
822445d Tweaks to the themes
7fa8f26 Update --help to make it clear stdin can be used.
86de7e4 Update copyrights
3cfe937 Update documentation for a future 2.2.0 release
5539301 Update tcell dependency because I broke mouse support
74c96e5 Update tcell dependency to fix a bug running under xterm-16color
6395698 Update the changelog to reflect recent work
c049213 Update the contributors list
386bd11 Update to latest gowid
85d836a Update to latest gowid
5944b1b Update to latest gowid for color-mapping fixes
7335cee Update to latest gowid for widget tweaks needed for minibuffer
165e111 Update to the latest gowid
d53dcd7 Update to the latest gowid
5090fb7 Use SIGKILL by default on tshark processes
1caed70 Use bash to avoid any shell differences
149ed2a Use latest gowid to fix a problem max/minimizing dialogs
3d083dd Use latest gowid to provide features for coming termshark updates
4aacb97 Use the latest gowid for base16-shell support
0daa619 Utilities to save "marks" in the toml config file
9fbfe05 Utilities to save vim-style key mappings in the toml config file
9a32d7e When maximizing in the UI, stay on the current view with focus
98f1d97 When setting the display filter, it's best to move the cursor too
78a426a Workaround for incorrect colors with base16-shell and truecolor
8cbd582 Works either way, but it's more correct to send SIGTERM
674620e add arm64 build

0c972ab0d47daca9ffd3b0fa96a0fa30bb517fef78d6f9eef0db1af918c633c0 termshark_2.2.0_openbsd_x64.tar.gz
1e26452cf1fe53be57e37273f83a4eb75ac92aad5e38e110de7d2f1fa645f27e termshark_2.2.0_macOS_x64.tar.gz
4ae2821c75df6f2795511e96faddf7855265ba27e6e04cd17f22436c8009e524 termshark_2.2.0_linux_arm64.tar.gz
70826cee429a732bf2cba5fc8820bbdd47043672c18390ea9d20a8bddc94f373 termshark_2.2.0_freebsd_x64.tar.gz
863a4d6708b968d1ec76f1d949bb1317148f8bfc1ba52ab2af127e7f89d1e1b5 termshark_2.2.0_linux_x64.tar.gz
a90c3923f6bc9f689841ade133681518df6e2fa773860540827a8b8ca981987f termshark_2.2.0_linux_armv6.tar.gz
f5d2f6333792ee85f8b05d396f598462d6ecb7fcef49be70ab007a454b32eb8b termshark_2.2.0_netbsd_x64.tar.gz

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