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REX v2.4.0
REX v2.4.0 "REX offers a streamlined take on chess with fewer pieces and fewer tiles, but with plenty of space for scheming and strategising against the computer or a fellow human." -PC Gamer REX is a digital board game. The rules are simple, it's very easy to learn, and each game takes 5-10 minutes. Players take turns capturing their opponent's pieces from the board, and whoever clears the board first wins! You can play against a friend or against the computer. When two people are playing, they take turns using the same mouse (or touch screen). Pressing "I" on your keyboard during play will show the Instructions. Clicking on the (?) icon on the bottom right of the screen will show all of the available keyboard commands. If the game is running slow on your computer, press the "Q" key on your keyboard to lower the graphics quality settings. The minimum supported resolution is 800x600. CREDITS: Very special thanks to Jordan Webb for playing the very first game of REX with me, to Patrick Bigham for your incredible assistance and support, and to Hamza Ansari for the early prototype testing and suggestions Thanks to: Jackie and Matthew Allen Monica Davis Worth Dayley Miguel Droz Toast Halasz Richard Heck Ian and Janine Hills Jeff Lunn Trevor Pinkerton Hanna Sims Cliff and Samantha Snellgrove and Austin and Grant Sutherland for playtesting ATTRIBUTION: The Philosopher King game piece was adapted from these open source models: The Barbarian King game piece was inspired by this incredible ZBrush sculpture: Audio Credits: "Lumina" by Justus Rümenapp "Into the Fantasy" by Limit Break "Moonlight Reprise" by Kai Engel "Ghost Dance" by Kevin MacLeod "Ascent" by Jon Luc Hefferman
5/5 1,955 Mar 01, 2019
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