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lessmsi v1.6.3
This is a utility with a graphical user interface and a command line interface that can be used to view and extract the contents of an MSI file.


To extract from the command line:

lessmsi x <msiFileName> [<outouptDir>]

Command o: - Open in GUI

Opens the specified msi_name in the GUI.

switches: Not supported.
msi_name: The name of the msi to open in the GUI
path_to_extract: Not supported.
file_names: Not supported.


lessmsi o theinstall.msi

Command x: - Extract

Extracts from the specified archive.

switches: Not supported.
msi_name: (required) specifies the msi to extract files from
path_to_extract: (optional) The path to extract the files to. MUST have trailing backslash or it will be treated as one of the file_names.
file_names: (optional) Names of files that you want to extract from the msi. All files are extracted if not specified.

Note: There is a known bug err "limitation" that you can only specify the name of the file (not the path). Therefore if there are multiple instances of the file inside the msi with the same name and you want to extract that file there is no way to specify which file to extract. If this is a problem for you report an issue and if I know it is important to someone I'll take the time to make that work.

Note: /x will work as the "command" for backward compatibility. The /x command is obsolete. It may be removed in the future!

Extracts all files from theinstall.msi into the current directory:

lessmsi x theinstall.msi

Extracts a.txt and b.txt from c:\theinstall.msi into the directory c:\theinstallextracted.

lessmsi x c:\theinstall.msi c:\theinstallextracted\ a.txt b.txt

Command l: List

Lists the specified file table as a csv.

-t (required): Switch to specify which MSI table to extract.
msi_name: (required) The name of the msi to open extract the table from.
path_to_extract: Not supported.
file_names: Not supported.


lessmsi l -t Component c:\theinstall.msi

Command v: Version

Prints out the msi version.

switches: Not supported.
msi_name: (required) The name of the msi to display the version from.
path_to_extract: Not supported.
file_names: Not supported.


lessmsi v c:\theinstall.msi

Windows Explorer Integration

Lessmsi also integrates with Windows Explorer so that you can right-click on a Windows Installer file (.msi file) and select "Extract Files" to extract it into a folder right there:

Just select Preferences from the Edit menu to enable (or disable) the explorer integration:


In addition to allowing you to extract files from the command line and from inside Windows Explorer, lessmsi has a graphical user interface that allows you to view detailed information about any MSI file.

MSI Table Viewer

Windows Installer (.msi files) are based on an internal database of tables. Lessmsi features a viewer for those tables. Useful for people who work a lot with installers.

This release contains the following improvements:

[#86]: The "Lessmsi Explore" Windows Explorer context menu now works on msi files in paths containing spaces (@raphaeldore)
[#88]: Fixes failure failed extract (NullReferenceException) on a msi with some of the parent directories not listed in the Directory table (@vnau)
[#96]: Improved readme with Github badges + Donation text (@kauegimenes)
[#99]: Added progress indicator to command line interface (@Bioruebe)
[109]: A python wrapper is now available in the /contrib directory (@KOLANICH)

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215 440 Scott Willeke <img src=""border="0"> Nov 26, 2018 - 12:14 1.6.3 496.7KB ZIP 5/5, out of 1 Votes.
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