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PlayStatic 1.8
Automate the boring stuff

A free tool to record mouse and keyboard actions for infinite replay. You can start your scripts at windows startup, or just record your drawings, it's just up to you! You can save your records and play it again. You can modify your entire list at once, speed up everything if needed.

# Changelog Playstatic 1.8
There was no public newer release after 1.0, so this release contains many new feature, also important updates and minor bug fixes.
## [1.8.0] - 2018-10-18
### Added
-User interface changes for better user experience
-7 more task type that Playstatic can record and play:
-Middle mouse button click
-Middle mouse button is down
-Middle mouse button is up
-Right mouse button is down
-Right mouse button is up
-Keyboard key is down
-Keyboard key is up
-It is possible now to record special keyboard keys like windows key, alt, F1-F12 etc. Playstatic will catch every shortcut and it can replay it.
-It is possible now to add manually to task list from all the supported task type, instead just a few.
-A new feature called Events at the Run tasks page. The user can create one or more events, and they will be triggered automatically and play his task list when the right shortcut pressed.
-Playstatic now can associate .playstatic files and play it instantly without any interface. This feature can be switched off and on at Settings page.
-Full compatibility with the previous version, loading and playing csv files was made by Playstatic 1.0.
-Playstatic now can be controlled by hotkeys. It is possible to start and stop a recording, and also start and stop playing of a task list. The hotkeys can be modified.
-Paging for the list of tasks. Big task list are easily manageable from now, changing pages possible with a drop-down menu and arrow buttons.
-Support for drag and drop task loading.
-Logging for important functions and possible errors.
### Changed
- Improved the performance of application:
- ~100 times faster list modifying.
- ~10 times faster list loading and constantly fast update of the list.
- Improved performance of play engine: it can play 10-20 times more task per second, depending on the task type.
- Improved the precision of replay, Playstatic has now 2-3 times lower overhead.
-User can now send Keydown and Keyup for applications. Previous version supported only Keypress, now you can simulate the holding and releasing a key. It's applied to recording at version 1.8.0.
-User can save the task list as a .playstatic file.
-Delay precede the simulated command in every task now, instead following it.
-From version 1.8.0 only mouse events change the cursor position.

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539 908 Belicza Gábor <img src=""border="0"> Oct 20, 2018 - 10:44 1.8 697.8KB EXE 5/5, out of 10 Votes.
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