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Last Update/Developer
BG Remover v2.0.0
BG Remover v2.0.0 A free, AI powered, offline background remover. Effortlessly removes backgrounds from any image or photo. It utilizes the latest machine learning algorithms to provide accurate results within seconds. Features Background Remove One-click background removal for effortless image editing. Drag and Drop Simply drag and drop your image to instantly remove the background automatically. Basic Editing Includes basic editing features, allowing you to change the background image and color. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,133 Jun 06, 2023
C-Dogs SDL v2.0.0
C-Dogs SDL v2.0.0 A free, classic overhead run-and-gun game, supporting up to 4 players in co-op and deathmatch modes. Customize your player, choose from many weapons, and blast, slide and slash your way through over 100 user-created campaigns. Have fun! What is C-Dogs SDL C-Dogs is a freeware DOS game made between 1997-2001 by Ronny Wester, who's also known for making Cyberdogs (1994). Although relatively obscure, it was one of the more well-known games of its kind, and built a small following with many fans creating custom campaigns for it. Players loved it for its simple yet addictive gameplay and wicked explosions. The story would have ended there had Ronny not been awesome enough to release the source code in 2002. There it was picked up by Jeremy Chin and Lucas Martin-King, who ported the game to SDL and made it available for modern PCs. A few other ports came and went, for systems as varied as BeOS and Wii. These days the project is maintained by Cong Xu, who along with a few other contributors, have been making the game even better while staying true to the original game's vision. 4-player multiplayer, co-op AI, moddability and new campaigns/maps are just some of the enhancements available. This download is for the Windows version. If you need the macOS version, download here. If you need the Linux version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 410 Feb 23, 2024
EasyShutdown v2.0.0
EasyShutdown v2.0.0 EasyShutdown is a freeware windows utility for instant or delayed restarting, powering down and suspension of your pc. Fast session locking and logging off through the EasyShutdown tray menu prevents unauthorized access to your machine when your system is left unattended. Delayed functions can be used to, for example, shutdown your computer after a download completes or when it has finished processing video or audio conversions. EasyShutdown is a re-release of FSEasyShutdown. Compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10, 32 and 64 bit. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 3,133 Jul 02, 2020
Instant Eyedropper v2.0.0
Instant Eyedropper v2.0.0 Instant Eyedropper is a free color detection tool for webmasters that will identify and automatically paste to the clipboard the HTML color code of any pixel on the screen with just a single mouse click. Save your time Identification the color code of an object on the screen is usually an involved, multistep process: You press the Print Screen key to copy a screenshot to the clipboard, load a graphics-editing program, create a new file, paste the screenshot from the clipboard, zoom in on the object, use the "Pick Color" tool, and finally copy the HTML code of the color to the clipboard. Webmasters may repeat this operation many times a day. Just imagine how much time can be saved by using Instant Eyedropper to do the same thing With a Single Click! How it works 1) Move the mouse pointer to the Instant Eyedropper icon in the system tray. 2) Press and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse pointer to the pixel whose color you want to identify. 3) Release the mouse button. That's it. The clipboard now contains the color code - in HTML format (or any other format that you have previously specified). It can be pasted and used in any text or HTML editor or the Color Picker tool of Photoshop. Options Window Screenshot Supported color formats: HTML HEX Delphi Hex Visual Basic Hex RGB RGB Float HSV (HSB) HSL Long OS: WinXP thru Win10 Notice: The file instanteyedropper.exe has 4 false hits from the usual inaccurate detection engines on VirusTotal. The file is safe. Version 2.0.0 (Nov 2, 2020) Project becomes open source! ) multi-monitor fixes
5/5 3,093 Nov 23, 2020
Konstantin Yagola
Metasploitable v2.0.0
Metasploitable v2.0.0 This is Metasploitable2 (Linux) Metasploitable is an intentionally vulnerable Linux virtual machine. This VM can be used to conduct security training, test security tools, and practice common penetration testing techniques. The default login and password is msfadmin:msfadmin. Never expose this VM to an untrusted network (use NAT or Host-only mode if you have any questions what that means). Metasploitable 2 Exploitability Guide is HERE. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 3,811 Nov 13, 2019
Open Visual Traceroute v2.0.0
Open Visual Traceroute v2.0.0 Open source cross-platform (Windows/Linux/Mac) Java Visual Traceroute Data is displayed in a 3D or a 2D map component. Features Traceroute Whois 3D and 2D Map visualisation Export data to image or text Gantt view Release note from the author Version 2.0.0 Starting version 2.0.0, I decided to deprecate the sniffer features and refocus the tool to its original purpose: a visual traceroute. Reasoning around the decision were ultimately time to maintain the application while the various libraries it depends on were being upgraded to non compatible APIs or plainly deprecated. This decision will also make the application runnable without admin privilege and external software required to be installed (except Java), which was one of the pain point in the installation of versions 1.7 and prior. This download is for the Windows portable version. All other download assets are below: Windows: OpenVisualTraceroute2.0.0.exe MacOS: OpenVisualTraceRoute2.0.0.dmg Linux: ovtr_2.0.0-1_amd64.deb ovtr_2.0.0-1_i386.deb ovtr-2.0.0-1.x86_64.rpm ovtr-2.0.0-1.i386.rpm Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 5,382 Jan 04, 2022
Leo Lewis
PlayStatic v2.0.0
PlayStatic v2.0.0 Automate the boring stuff A free tool to record mouse and keyboard actions for infinite replay. You can start your scripts at windows startup, or just record your drawings, it's just up to you! You can save your records and play it again. You can modify your entire list at once, speed up everything if needed. Changelog Playstatic 2.0.0 ​## [2.0.0] - 2019-05-28 ### Added - User interface changes for better user experience. - Support for french, spanish and japanese languages. - Scripts could be triggered by 3 more event type: - Filesystem watcher - User idle time watcher - Process monitor watcher. - Tasks could be moved up and down easily in script with buttons. - Playstatic now can be minimized to system tray. ### Changed - Improved performance of script replay engine. - Improved the precision of recording. - Very fast scripts could be stopped now, even Playstatic is under heavy load. - Better user interface of modifying a script or an event list. - Event's implementations are changed under the hood, new event types can be added easily by future versions, but previous versions are not supported anymore. ### Patched - Fixed every known bugs reported by users Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 4,637 Jul 02, 2020
Belicza Gábor
Terms of Service; Didn’t Read v2.0.0
Terms of Service; Didn’t Read v2.0.0 “I have read and agree to the Terms” is the biggest lie on the web. aim to fixs that. We are a user rights initiative to rate and label website terms & privacy policies, from very good Class A to very bad Class E. "Terms of service are often too long to read, but it's important to understand what's in them. Your rights online depend on them. We hope that our ratings can help you get informed about your rights." - Abdullah Diaa, Hugo, Michiel de Jong Install the browser extensions to get instant information about the terms and privacy policies of websites you browse. Pick the browser you are using below to install the extension: This download is for the Google Chrome extension. If you need the Mozilla Firefox add-on, download here. If you need the Safari extension, download here. If you need the Opera add-on, download here. Internet Explorer: coming soon Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 5,441 Jul 16, 2020
The Initiative - Advanced System Tweaker v2.0.0
==Official Mirror== - Advanced System Tweaker v2.0.0 - Advanced System Tweaker is a central hub for any kind of tweak or anything else that can be done via registry files, commands and vbscript files. The add-ons in the program allow it to grow and handle just about anything. The program has a direct link to search and find the growing list of add-ons. The program comes with 37+ add-ons already installed. Using the program is easy. Browse through the installed add-ons and runs the one you want. For a 1 click solution you can use Simple System Tweaker Unlike Simple System Tweaker, Advanced System Tweaker is add-on supported. So it has unlimited possibility. You also only run 1 tweak at a time. Changelog: v2.0.0 Major program change. In the previous versions you could only run 1 tweak at a time. Now you can select the tweaks you want first and then apply them all at once. Multiple code changes and some minor bug fixes. Added frame containers and lines to the add on creator for tweaks. v1.2.0 Fixed menu to backup and restore the registry not working. Updated the Optimize Registry (Compress) to use - Registry Compressor.
0/5 9,224 Dec 21, 2013
Universal Extractor 2 v2.0.0 RC3
Universal Extractor 2 v2.0.0 RC3 Universal Extractor is a powerful and well-known tool to extract files from hundreds of different archive types, installers or otherwise compressed files. It has been created and maintained by Jared Breland until he set it on hiatus after the release of version 1.6.1. Currently, there are several slightly updated modifications floating around, which consist mainly of helper binary updates. Additionally, some improved versions with auto-updaters, more supported file types and GUI redesigns exist. Sadly, these are scattered around the internet and no central and easy download packages are available. As a user you would have to search through many forums in a wide variety of languages to even find a link to the program. Universal Extractor 2 is the most advanced inofficial modification around, aiming at the inclusion of many wanted features, improvement of current ones, ongoing support and a central open-source distribution. UniExtract 2 started as a simple modification disabling the always-on-top status box and ended with the addition of dozens of extractors to expand the range of supported file types. New - and unique amongst the available modifications - features like a scan-only mode to identify unknown file types using multiple scanning applications, the batch mode or the extraction of audio and video tracks from multimedia files make it stand out against these. As a short overview here is a list of the core improvements: Batch mode Silent mode, not showing any prompts Scan only mode to determine file types without extracting Integrated updater 100+ new supported file types Audio and video extraction for multimedia files Cascading context menu Support for password list for common archives Improved optional ...
5/5 5,438 Jan 12, 2022
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