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File - Download DirSync Pro v1.53 for Mac

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DirSync Pro v1.53 for Mac

DirSync Pro is a small, but powerful utility for file and folder synchronization. DirSync Pro can be used to synchronize the content of one or many folders recursively. Use DirSync Pro to easily synchronize files from your desktop PC to your USB-stick (/Externa HD/PDA/Notebook, ...). Use this USB-stick (/Externa HD/PDA/Notebook, ...) to synchronize files to another desktop PC.

Using DirSync Pro you can make incremental backups. In this way you'll spare lots of time because you don't have to copy all the files each time you want to update your backup; only new/modified/larger files would be copied. DirSync Pro provides some preconfigured modes (e.g. Mirror, Backup, Contribute, …) for common synchronization and backup tasks and some custom modes in which the user could set up the synchronization behavior to meet specific wishes. Prior to synchronization, DirSync Pro perfoms an analysis on files and folders and detect any kind of changes to any file/directory in the source. If a file is for example modified, removed, deleted, renamed in the source DirSync Pro synchronizes the destination accordingly. DirSync Pro detects also changes to file meta data (e.g. DOS attributes, POSIX file ownerships/group/permissions) and could preserve them to the destination file/directories.

DirSync Pro has a user-friendly User Interface which helps you configure many options to your needs. You can use DirSync Pro also through the command line which makes it very flexible for running in batches.

DirSync Pro lets you define advanced filters based of filename patterns (textual and regular expression based), file sizes, modification dates, file paths and file meta data to include or exclude file/directories as desired.

DirSync Pro has a powerful schedule engine which lets you schedule synchronization tasks on many different ways, minutely, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. Advanced users may use tons of options available in DirSync Pro to suit the synchronization behavior in details. DirSync Pro has many logging facilities which let you create detailed logs even per job.

DirSync Pro provides a real-time synchronization option which watches the source directory continuously and synchronizes the changes into the destination directory if a file/directory is changed.

Unlike many other synchronization software, DirSync Pro is Open Source; it is 100% free of charge, 100% free of commercial text, 100% free of advertisements and 100% free of spyware. You can use it as long as you like, without any limitations in time or functionality. You can freely distribute it according to GPL3.

DirSync Pro is programmed completely in platform independent Java™ so it can be run under nearly every modern operating system including Windows™, Linux™ and Macintosh™.


Powerful synchronization algorithm.
Bi-directional (Two way) and mono-directional (One way) synchronization mode.
Predefined synchronzation modes for mostly used synchronizations
Mirror A -> B (incremental): Mirrors new and modified files from A to B.
Mirror B -> A (incremental): Mirrors new and modified files from B to A.
Synchronize A <-> B (incremental): Mirrors new and modified files in directories A and B to each other.
Synchronize A <-> B (custom): Custom mode to mirror directory A and B to each other with all advanced options.
Backup A -> B (full): Makes a full copy of directory A into directory B.
Restore B -> A (full): Makes a full copy of directory B into directory A.
Contribute A -> B (incremental): Mirrors only new files from directory A into directory B.
Contribute B -> A (incremental): Mirrors only the new files from directory B into directory A.
Synchronize A -> B (custom): Custom mode to synchronize directory A into directory B with all advanced options.
Synchronize B -> A (custom): Custom mode to synchronize directory B into directory A with all advanced options.
Highly customizable custom synchronization modes.
Compare files based on their modification dates, changes in their meta data (DOS attributes, POSIX group/ownerships/permissions) or file contents (deep content scan).
Option for various behavior of conflict resolution for Bidirectional Synchronization.
Synchronizes unlimited number of files and folders.
Large number of options to change the synchronization behavior.
Option to synchonise subdirectories recursively.
Synchronizes files/folders any file system (FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, WinFS, UDF, Ext2, Ext3, ...).
Synchronizes files from/to network drives
Synchronizes files from/to any mounted devices (Harddisks, USB-Sticks, Memory cards, External drives, CD/DVD's, ...).
Synchronization could be used for making incremental backups.
Option to create up to 50 backups from the modified/changed files before synchronization.
Option to define a backup folder where DirSync Pro keeps tracks of files which are being overwritten.
Option for handling symbolic links.
Advanced options for handling time-stamps.
Option to define timestamp granularity.
Option to handle 'daylight saving' related timestamp granularity (useful when syncing with FAT file systems).
Option to preserve file meta data (DOS attributes, POSIX group/ownerships/permissions)
Option for real-time synchronization, to watch automatically a directory and start synchronization as soon as something is changed.
Schedule Engine
DirSync Pro has a powerful Schedule Engine with lots of features to run automated scheduled synchronzation tasks.
Once: Run sync tasks at a certain time in the future.
Minutely: Run sync tasks recurrently every X minutes.
Hourly: Run sync tasks recurrently every X hours.
Daily: Run sync tasks recurrently on a certain time daily.
Weekly: Run sync tasks recurrently on a certain time and in specific months every X weeks.
Monthly: Run sync tasks recurrently every month on day number X, on a certain time and in specific months.
DirSync Pro has comprehensive filters to include or exclude files and directories. The user can set up a combination of unlimited number of filters of the following types:
Filter based on string patterns in file/directory names, with wild cards and regular expression support.
Filter based on file sizes. (smaller than, equal, larger than).
Filter based on modification dates, both compared to a specific time (earlier than, on a date, later than), and based on some time unit compared to 'now' (like: files older than 3 months ago).
Filter based on an absoulte path.
Filter based on DOS attibutes (DOS/MS Windows only).
Filter based on file ownerships (user and group, POSIX only).
Filter based on file permissions (POSIX systems only).
Easy, clear and user-friendly graphical user interface, no unnecessary gadget you never use.
Runs on every modern operating system including Windows™, Linux™ and Macintosh™
It is Portable! It does not need any installation. Just run the application!
Open source, it is 100% free of charge, 100% free of commercial text, 100% free of advertisements and 100% free of spyware.
No time/function limitations
Uses no local database, so no overhead
Does not need any installation. Just download and run it. You can put it on you USB-stick en you can run it on any computer/any platform.
Does not copy your files to a server on internet to synchronize your data. In this way you are totally in charge of your data.
Lets your create a command line and save it to a batch file to run a synchronization with one mouse click or in a batch.
Advanced logging/reporting facilities. Just select a log level and define where to write the log.
Option to log on application level (default log)
Option to log on each directory level (dir log)
Option to define the log leven (how much to log)

Please note: Java JRE 1.7 or above is needed to run DirSync Pro.

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