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File - Download Tron Script v12.0.0

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Tron Script v12.0.0

A free collection of programs, tools, utilities, and Windows functions that are scripted together. It is designed to remove malware and bloatware, repair damaged operating systems, update old versions of very common applications, free up drive space by clearing out caches, and more.

By consolidating and automating these tasks into a single execution it saves a lot of time and makes the whole process a more efficient.

Tron's intended goal is to take a badly-running Windows PC (bloated, infected with malware, neglected, etc) and automate about 85% of the work involved in getting it to run well again. There is nothing Tron does which you couldn't do on your own without it. Tron's real power is in its automation and the breadth of tools that it uses to achieve its intended goal.

While Tron can do a lot of good things for an affected PC, it is important to know that Tron is not a miracle cure-all.

Tron is not a data recovery tool. It cannot recover files that were deleted or otherwise lost due to system failure or hardware failure.
Tron is not a decryption tool. It cannot recover encrypted data such as files from an encrypted hard drive where you forgot the key, or if your computer was affected with ransomware. (Tron CAN remove the ransomware from your computer, but once your files have been encrypted the damage will have already been done.)
Tron cannot solve bottlenecks that are inherent to your computer's hardware configuration. If your hardware is old, slow, or damaged, Tron cannot fix that.
Tron is not a routine or preventative maintenance tool. As stated, the purpose of Tron is to automate a number of processes in order to get a badly running and/or compromised Windows PC back to a point of functionality again without having to reinstall the operating system. Running Tron to "clean up" a fresh Windows installation and/or as regular maintenance tool on a machine that is running within a reasonable definition of "normally" is not what Tron was intended for and is a tremendous waste of time and energy.
Tron is not a system optimizer.
Tron is not a benchmark utility.
Tron is not a stress test utility.
Tron will not resolve driver issues (e.g., corrupt or missing drivers).
Tron will not clean or repair your system registry.

Read ALL of the documentation here before using this set of tools.

Tron supports all versions of Windows from Vista to 10 (server variants included).

The file you download will unzip to the current folder when ran. Included in this folder are the instructions.

v12.0.0 (2021-07-23)

- Remove support for Windows XP (override with the -dev switch. You'll probably get a lot of popup errors, most utilities don't support running on XP anymore). RIP in peace to one of the greats

* Minor definition updates (anti-virus definitions, de-bloat lists, etc)

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4,828 27,000 vocatus <img src=" Script1_th.png"border="0"> Aug 16, 2021 - 11:19 12.0.0 445.33MB EXE 5/5, out of 42 Votes.
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Script  Tron  v12.0.0  
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