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File - Download Tron Script v11.1.4

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Tron Script v11.1.4

Tron is a glorified collection of batch files that automate the process of disinfecting and cleaning up Windows systems. It is built with heavy reliance on community input and updated regularly.

Tron supports all versions of Windows from XP to 10 (server variants included).

What is "Tron Script"?

Tron is a script that "fights for the User". It's basically a glorified collection of Windows batch files that automate a bunch of scanning/disinfection/cleanup tools on a Windows system. I got tired of running the utilities manually and decided to just automate everything. I hope this helps other techs, admins, and users in general.

Tron's goal is to take a badly-running Windows system (bloated, infected, etc) and automate ~85% of the work involved in disinfecting it, removing bloatware, and basically cleaning everything up to get it running well again. That's pretty much it. At this point it seems to accomplish that goal pretty well on most systems.

The whole project is built with heavy reliance on community input and updated regularly.
Stages of Tron:

Prep: rkill, ProcessKiller, TDSSKiller, Stinger, registry backup, WMI repair, sysrestore clean, oldest VSS set purge, create pre-run System Restore point, SMART disk check, NTP time sync

Tempclean: TempFileCleanup, CCLeaner, BleachBit, backup & clear event logs, Windows Update cache cleanup, Internet Explorer cleanup, USB device cleanup

De-bloat: remove OEM bloatware; customizable list is in
esources\stage_2_de-bloat\oem\; Metro OEM debloat (Win8/8.1/2012 only)

Disinfect: Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, Sophos Virus Removal Tool, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, DISM image check (Win8/2012 only)

Repair: Registry permissions reset, Filesystem permissions reset, SFC /scannow, chkdsk (if necessary)

Patch: Updates 7-Zip, Java, and Adobe Flash/Reader and disables nag/update screens (uses some of our PDQ packs); then installs any pending Windows updates

Optimize: page file reset, defrag %SystemDrive% (usually C:\; skipped if system drive is an SSD)

Wrap-up: Send job completion email report (if configured; specify SMTP settings in

Manual stuff: Additional tools that can't currently be automated (ComboFix, AdwCleaner, aswMBR, autoruns, etc.)

Saves a log to C:\Logs\tron\tron.log (configurable).

How to use Tron
Standard Usage

Boot into Safe Mode with Network Support (Safe Mode is not required but is strongly recommended)

Copy tron.bat and the
esources folder to the target machine's desktop and run tron.bat as an ADMINISTRATOR.

(Tron will fail if you don't run as an administrator)

Wait anywhere from 3-10 hours (yes, it really does take that long).

By default the log file is at C:\Logs\tron.log

Tron will briefly check for a newer version when it starts up and notify you if one is found. Depending on how badly the system is infected, it could take anywhere from 3 to 10 hours to run. I've personally observed times between 4-8 hours, and one user reported a run time of ~30 hours. Basically set it and forget it.
Command-line Usage

Tron has full command-line support. All flags are optional, can be combined, and override their respective script default when used:

tron.bat [-a -c -d -dev -e -er -m -o -p -r -sa -sb -sd -se -sfr -sk -sm -sp -spr -srr -ss -str -sw -v -x] | [-h]

-a Automatic mode (no welcome screen or prompts; implies -e)

-c Config dump (display current config. Can be used with other
flags to see what WOULD happen, but script will never execute
if this flag is used)

-d Dry run (run through script without executing any jobs)

-dev Override OS detection (allow running on unsupported Windows versions)

-e Accept EULA (suppress disclaimer warning screen)

-er Email a report when finished. Requires you to configure SwithMailSettings.xml

-h Display help text

-m Preserve default Metro apps (don't remove them)

-o Power off after running (overrides -r)

-p Preserve power settings (don't reset to Windows default)

-r Reboot automatically (auto-reboot 15 seconds after completion)

-sa Skip ALL anti-virus scans (KVRT, MBAM, SAV)

-sb Skip de-bloat (OEM bloatware removal; implies -m)

-sd Skip defrag (force Tron to ALWAYS skip Stage 5 defrag)

-se Skip Event Log clear (don't clear Windows Event Logs)

-sfr Skip filesystem permissions reset (saves time if you're in a hurry)

-sk Skip Kaspersky Virus Rescue Tool (KVRT) scan

-sm Skip Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) installation

-sp Skip patches (do not patch 7-Zip, Java Runtime, Adobe Flash or Reader)

-spr Skip page file reset (don't set to "Let Windows manage the page file")

-srr Skip registry permissions reset (saves time if you're in a hurry)

-ss Skip Sophos Anti-Virus (SAV) scan

-str Skip Telemetry Removal

-sw Skip Windows Updates (do not attempt to run Windows Update)

-v Verbose. Show as much output as possible. NOTE: Significantly slower!

-x Self-destruct. Tron deletes itself after running and leaves logs intact

* *There is no -UPM flag*

Safe Mode

Microsoft, in their long-standing tradition of breaking useful, heavily-used functionality for no reason, changed how you get into Safe Mode for Windows 8, disabling the traditional F8 method. Tron re-enables the F8 method as part of it's prep tasks (before actually running), but here's how to manually re-enable the old-style boot menu that supports the F8 key. From an admin command prompt, run this command:

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

Reboot and you should now be able to use F8 to select Safe Mode. Note that this command is the same one Tron runs, so if you launch Tron to the menu and then exit, you'll accomplish the same thing.
Change Defaults (advanced)

Defaults are always overridden by command-line flags, but if you don't want to use the command-line and don't like Tron's defaults, you can edit the script and change the following default variables:

To change log location, edit these lines:

set LOGPATH=%SystemDrive%\Logs

set LOGFILE=tron.log

To change where Tron stores quarantined files, change this path (note: this is currently unused by Tron, so setting it has no effect):

set QUARANTINE_PATH=C:\path\to\your\desired\folder

To always run automatically (no welcome screen), change this to yes:

set AUTORUN=no

To always do a dry run (don't actually execute jobs), change this to yes:

set DRY_RUN=no

To permanently accept the End User License Agreement (suppress display of disclaimer warning screen), change this to yes:


To preserve default Metro apps (don't remove them), change this to yes:


To skip the pause at the end of the script, change this to yes:

set NO_PAUSE=no

To shut down the computer when Tron is finished, change this to yes:


To preserve the power scheme (instead of resetting to Windows defaults), change this to yes:


To configure post-run reboot, change this value (in seconds). 0 disables auto-reboot:


To skip anti-virus scan engines (Sophos, Vipre, MBAM), change this to yes:


To skip OEM debloat, change this to yes:


To ALWAYS skip defrag, regardless whether C:\ is an SSD or not, change this to yes:


To skip Event Log clearing, change this to yes:


To skip patches (don't patch 7-Zip, Java, Adobe Flash and Reader) change this to yes:


To display as much output as possible (verbose), change this to yes:

set VERBOSE=no

To have Tron delete itself after running (self-destruct), change this to yes:



v11.1.4 // 2020-11-02 #
. tron.bat v1.2.0

. initialize_environment.bat v11.1.1
. prerun_checks_and_tasks.bat v1.1.0
. tron_settings.bat v1.0.4

Stage 0: Prep
. stage_0_prep.bat v1.2.9
. rkill v2.9.1.0
. ProcessKiller v2.0.0-TRON
. TDSS Killer v3.1.0.12
. McAfee Stinger v12.2.0.99
. erunt v1.1j
. caffeine v1.6.2.0
. wget v1.12.3 x86
. nircmdc v2.86
. siv v5.44

Stage 1: Tempclean
. stage_1_tempclean.bat v1.2.8
* CCleaner v5.73.8130
. finddupe.exe v1.25
. TempFileCleanup v1.1.8-TRON
. USB Device Cleanup v1.6.0

Stage 2: De-bloat
. stage_2_de-bloat.bat v1.4.5
. programs_to_target_by_GUID.txt
. toolbars_BHOs_to_target_by_GUID.txt
. programs_to_target_by_name.txt
. metro_3rd_party_modern_apps_to_target_by_name.ps1
. metro_Microsoft_modern_apps_to_target_by_name.ps1

Stage 3: Disinfect
. stage_3_disinfect.bat v1.2.8
. Sophos Virus Removal Tool v2.6.1
. Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool v15.0.24.0
. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v3.6.1.2711-1.0.482-1.0.7469
. Malwarebytes included defs: 2019-10-17

Stage 4: Repair
. stage_4_repair.bat v1.2.8
. purge_windows_7-8-81_telemetry.bat
. purge_windows_10_telemetry.bat
. Spybot Anti-Beacon v1.7.0.47
. O&O ShutUp10 v1.8.1413
. Repair file extensions v1.0.0

Stage 5: Patch
. stage_5_patch.bat v1.2.6
. 7-Zip v19.00 (multi-language)
* Adobe Flash Player v32.0.0.445 (language ignored)
. Windows updates Pulled down live using: 'wuauclt /detectnow /updatenow'

Stage 6: Optimize
. stage_6_optimize.bat v1.0.9
. smartctl v6.6.0.4594 2017-11-05 r4594
. drivedb.h 2019-12-14
. Defraggler v2.22.995

Stage 7: Wrap-up
. stage_7_wrap-up.bat v1.0.3
. SwithMail.exe v2.2.4.0

Stage 8: Custom Scripts
. Tron will execute any .bat file placed in this directory prior to script completion

Stage 9: Manual tools
. ADSSpy v1.11.0.0
* AdwCleaner v8.0.8.0
. Autoruns v13.98
. BlueScreenView v1.55
. ComboFix v19.11.4.1
. Net Adapter Repair v1.2
. Remote Support Reboot Config v1.0.0
. Safe Mode Boot Selector.bat v1.0.0
. ServicesRepair v1.0.0.3
. Tron Reset Tool v1.0.0

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