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Sushi Browser 0.13.0 for Mac
The Next Generation Multi-Panel Browser


When you are browsing the web you can only use a section of your screen. Have you ever thought that that's a waste?
The concept of the "Sushi Browser" is wanting to utilize the screen to the maximum capacity just by a simple operation.
Its goal is to be as fantastic as sushi.


We will introduce this panel's greatest feature, the "multi panel".

Multi panel

・Display to the opposite panel
By middle clicking (pressing the mouse wheel) the link you can open the page in the link to the opposite panel.
Middle clicking with 1 panel automatically splits the display into 2 panels.

・Sync scrolling
By pressing the Sync scroll button, 1 page can be lined up like the pages of a book.

Utilizing the screen to the maximum

・Side (bottom) bar
You can open favorite pages or pages from your history using the side bar.

・Slim menu
One Line mode: Using a display method that integrates the menu bar and tab bar, it achieves a menu with a mere 30px.
Full screen mode: The menu bar is not displayed and the menu is displayed by moving the cursor.

Extension tools

・Terminal: It can operate Bash for Linux/Mac and Power Shell for Windows.
・File explorer: It can manage and browse files.
・Text editor: It can edit text and source codes etc.
・Video playback: It can be used for automatic playback of videos.

Some useful functions

There are other useful functions besides Swapping panels, Aligning panels, switch direction, simultaneous scroll, Float panel mode, etc.


This browser is equipped with various convenient features other than the multiple panel function.
In addition, we are using Muon derived from the Electron Framework, and we can also use that function.


Equipped with a native-implemented high speed advertisement block.

Download function

・Video download: When downloading video and music information, download link is displayed automatically.

・Parallel download: For 1 file it can download with a maximum of 8 parallel downloads.

Mouse gesture

It can use mouse gestures from Chrome's extension features. Even in Mac and Linux it can be used with the same operability as in Windows.


It can automatically read ahead websites that spans several pages.

Anything Search

When entering an address in the address bar, or by pressing the Shift key twice, it can carry out a search from the browser history.

Data syncing(Experimental)

Turning Sync Data on makes syncing possible from the history and favorites from multiple machines.

New function(v0.13.0)

1. The convenience functions of the tab were implemented (Some functions of Tab Mix Plus were implemented.)

・ Open links that open in a new window in

・ When closing current tab, focus

・ Do not close window when closing last tab

・ Open New Tab next to current one

・ New Tab from Address Bar

・ Force to open in new tab: Nothing/Links to other sites/All links

・ Open New Tab in Background

・ Open New Tab next to current one

・ Max number of rows to display (Multi-row)

・ Tab minimum and maximum Width setting

・ Show tabs in page theme color

・ Background Color of Current/Unread/other Tabs

・ Text Color of Current/Unread/other Tabs

・ Color of Dashed line when dragging

・ Show Bottom Border in Current Tab

・ Add Button that can select default theme and dark theme

・ Inverse scroll direction

・ Select tab pointed

・ Switch to last selected tab when clicking current one

・ Mouse Clicking Function (Double Click, Middle Click, Alt Click)

・ New Tab Button Clicking Function (Right Click, Middle Click, Alt Click)

・ Copies the tab's URL to the clipboard

・ Load URL from clipboard

・ Paste and Open

・ Copy Tab Info

・ Copy All Tab Infos

・ Reloads all tabs

・ Reloads other tabs

・ Reloads left tabs

・ Reloads right tabs

・ Reload Tab Every

・ Mute Tab

・ Reopens all closed tabs

2. Addition of the Auto Complete function

・ You can use the suggestion of the search engine now

・ The number of the indication and the order of the suggests and the histories were made controllable by the setting

・ Automatic completion is available when selecting auto complete item

3. Improvement of the downloading function

・ Collective downloading function by the consecutive numbers (such as downthmeall)

・ The URLs and the dates were made usable as the file names (such as downthmeall)

・ The setting of the default downloading path was added

4. Function improvement of the vertical tab

・ It was made possible to fold the hierarchies

5. Improvement of showing two kinds panels, a current panel and opposite panel, by a right-click search

6. Addition of a full screen button(Display / Non-display is configurable)

7. Addition of a number display function to a back / forward button

8. Addition of a keyboard shortcut

9. The bookmarklet on the address bar was made possible to execute.

10. Implementation of the following Chrome Extension

・ chrome.webNavigation.getAllFrames

・ chrome.sessions.getRecentlyClosed

・ chrome.sessions.restore

・ browser.sessions.setTabValue

・ browser.sessions.getTabValue

・ browser.sessions.removeTabValue

・ browser.sessions.setWindowValue

・ browser.sessions.getWindowValue

・ browser.sessions.removeWindowValue

11. Updated to youtube-dl 2017.12.31

12. Updated to Muon 4.5.36 (chromium 63.0.3239.132)

13. Fixed a lot of bugs

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618 3,263 kura52 <img src=" Browser1_th.png"border="0"> Jan 07, 2018 - 14:24 0.13.0 87.14MB DMG 5/5, out of 12 Votes.
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