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File - Download 1ChipISO7816-V1 Programmer/Reader

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FOR Educational Purposes

Simple Full Features ISO 7816 Programmer and Reader board

This device provides the capabilities for a Smart Card Programmer and Reader.
This version uses a wide band Transistor Crystal Oscillator Clock circuit.
This makes it easy to quickly change Crystal Clock frequencies for different
Smart Card applications. Version V-3 uses a fixed frequency CMOS TTL Cryatal
Oscillator module for clock requirements (Epson CMOS TTL Osc #SG-531P-3.579MC).

Part Value Device Package Description
B1 Bridge1A B-DIL B-DIL Bridge Rectifier
C1 10UF P128-35 P128-35 Condenser 10uf 50V
C2 10UF P128-35 P128-35 Condenser 10uf 50V
C3 .1UF C2,5 C2,5-4 Condenser .1uf
C4 100pf C2,5 C2,5-4 Condenser 100 pf
C5 22pf C2,5 C2,5-4 Condenser 22 pf
D2 1N4148 1N4148 DO35-10 Diode
D3 1N4148 1N4148 DO35-10 Diode
IC1 MC1489 DIL14 DIL14 IC MC1489
J1 2.1 MMJACK 2MMJACK 255SB Power Jack 2.1mm
P1 DB9-Female F09H F09H DB9 Female Connector PCB
P2 ISO7816 14P 14P Smart Card holder Amphenol
R1 2.2K ohm 0309/10@2 0309/10@2 Resistor 1/4 W
R2 470 ohm 0309/10@2 0309/10@2 Resistor 1/4 W
R3 2.2k 0309/10@2 0309/10@2 Resistor 1/4 W
R4 33K 0309/10 0309/10 Resistor 1/4 W
R5 1K 0309/10@2 0309/10@2 Resistor 1/4 W
T1 2N2222 2N2222 TO18A Trnasistor
VR1 7805 78XXL 78XXL 5V Voltage Regulator 1A
X1 3.579545 MHz XTAL Q Crystal

Power Supply 7.5-18 V AC/DC 2.1mm 250ma or greater
PCB or Perf board

This unit has been tested and monitored to assure that it meets ALL requirements for
an ISO 7816 Smart Card. It uses an RS-232 Line Receiver for interface with with the
Smart card instead of the normally used MAX232 interface Chip. This has proven to be
a very reliable and cheap method for Interface. The Low part count of this unit makes
it easy to manually construct a simple "perf" board circuit in a relatively short time.
If a larger number of boards are required, the use of the "Toner Transfer System" for
PCB board construction should be considered. The TTS system permits a PCB print out from
a Laser printer to be directly applied (heat/Ironed) to the board for etching.

Parts for this project can be obtained from Digi-Key (, Jameco (,
or Radio Shack. Because of the low parts count and common parts, this will be a low cost
unit to construct. Things like a perf board can be obtained from Radio Shack. The
prototypes of this unit were constructed on a 4x4 inch board.

Use the latest software such as BacicH and Window Explorer. The 3,579545 freqency in the prototype
works with a number of different Smart Cards such as the DTV H and HU cards..Other
cryatal frequencies must be used with Cards like DishNetwork, COP Cards, etc. If this device
is to be used with mulitple type of cards, it may be advisable to install several different
Crystals with a simple front panel select.

The PCB ".sch" and ".brd" files are for use in an KiCad EDA.
A free copy of this software can be obtained from
If only a few boards are desired, it is a simple matter to construct them on a Perf board. The low parts count make this an easy and low cost project.
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8,802 13,429 CadSoft <img src=""border="0"> Feb 08, 2024 - 12:23 1.0 117.8KB ZIP 5/5, out of 2 Votes.
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1ChipISO7816-V1  schematics  
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