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File - Download MyTourbook v21.6.0

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MyTourbook v21.6.0

Free software to visualize and analyze tours which are recorded by a GPS device, bike- or exercise computer and ergometer.

This application can ...

Import, receive, export, edit and visualize tours.
Show photos.
Analyse heart rate.
Compare tours automatically.
Segment a tour automatically.
Statistical analysis.
Manage tours for different people.

20. June 2021


* Dark Theme

- The UI theme can be selected in the preference
- Hint: Dark theme + 2D map
- Lots and lots of color and symbol adjustments to make the dark theme
look really good now
- Example for W10 theme limits

* Tour Book View (Frederic)

- Added the ability to delete values, for any given tour, such as
elevation, time, gear, cadence...etc

* Tour values deletion/re-import (Frederic)

- Added a confirmation dialog that will always be displayed to the user
when re-importing or deleting tour values for the whole database
- Locking by default the UI controls to modify tour values on more
than 1 tour at a time
- Separated calories in its own category


* Tour Chart

- Displaying the night sections with a grey/blue color for a more
intuitive chart and better readability (Frederic)
- More options to show R-R values together with other pulse graphs
(R-R average, device value)

* 2D Map (Frederic)

- Extending the zoom levels capacity from 20 to 23

* 2.5D Map (Thomas)

- Upgrading VTM lib to 0.15 and further to 0.16
- Size of photothumbnails can be changed via slideout
- Show direction arrows on the tourpath, controlled via slideout
- Tourtrack and Sliderpath have round ends like in 2D map

* 3D Map & Tour Chart Preferences (Frederic)

- "Squeezed" several transparency values to be in between 0 and 100
instead of 0 & 255 or 0.0 and 1.0


* Fitlog/FitlogEx import (Frederic)

- When re-importing tours, the complete list of tour types and tags
are not re-imported anymore

* SRTM Download

- The download of SRTM data files is still free but it requires that a
user is authenticated. Username and password can be entered in the
SRTM data preferences page which also contains information how to
request a SRTM server account


* Fitlog/FitlogEx import (Frederic)

- Fixed an issue where in some cases the imported tour time zone could
be wrong

* FIT File: Pause Re-Import (Frederic)

- In some scenarii, the pause import could be erroneous and lead to
negative paused time values

* Tour Import View (Frederic)

- The kcal column was displaying values in calories units instead of

* Statistic Values View (Frederic)

- Fixed a bug where the elevation gain value was incorrect

* Tour Chart

- R-R values were not visible within tour breaks
- Create Tourmarker: Same wording as on other places.
"create marker" -> "create tour marker" (Thomas)

* Tour Chart Tooltip (Frederic)

- Displaying the hour from 0 when a new day starts

* Tour Chart Value Tooltip (Frederic)

- Fixed a bug when importing tours (FIT, Suunto SML, Suunto XML,
Garmin TCX) where in some cases, the tour start components were
erroneous (the Time of Day value in the Value Point Tooltip was
wrong). Now this data is adjusted with the tour's time zone.

* Tour Data Editor

- Ctrl+S was setting the tour dirty again on Linux 124

* Tour Type Preference page (Frederic)

- Fixed a bug in the tour type viewer when selecting several tour
types and only the first one was deleted
- Disabling the "Rename" button when more than 1 tour type is selected

* Map25 Mapprovider (Thomas)

- Map was not displayed correctly at the very first start of MyTourbook

* Compress Database

- Fixed SQL exception when the tour database size is too large to fit
into an integer value


- Dutch (Maarten)
- French (Frederic)
- German
- Italian (Doriano)


- Eclipse 2021-03
- FIT SDK 21.54

This download is for the Windows version. If you need the Linux version, download here.

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4,015 6,704 Wolfgang Schramm <img src=""border="0"> Jan 01, 2023 - 14:55 21.6.0 132.05MB EXE 5/5, out of 36 Votes.
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MyTourbook  v21.6.0  
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