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Jami v3
Jami v3 Secure and distributed voice, video and chat platform. Jami is a free and universal communication platform which preserves the user's privacy and freedoms. Audio / Video Calls Screen Sharing Conferences Messaging What makes Jami unique? Jami is completely peer-to-peer and doesn't require a server for relaying data between users. Jami is a GNU project backed by the Free Software Foundation and distributed under a GPLv3 license. We use state of the art end-to-end encryption with perfect forward secrecy for all communications and comply with the X.509 standard. Advantages: Free As in free beer AND as in freedom. Unlimited Without restriction on file size, speed, bandwidth, features, number of accounts, storage or anything else. Ad Free There will never be advertising on Jami. Private All communications are peer-to-peer and end-to-end encrypted. Compatible Available on Linux, Android, AndroidTV, Windows, macOS and iOS. Fast Latency and transfer speeds are greatly reduced thanks to the direct peer-to-peer connection. Autonomous Users who are on the same local network can communicate with Jami even if they are disconnected from the internet. Anonymous No personal information needs to be provided when creating an account. This download is for the Windows version. If you need the MacOS version, download here. If you need the Linux versions, download here. If you need the iOS version, download here. If you need the Android version, download here. If you need the Android TV version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 2,999 Jul 19, 2020
Savoir-faire Linux
Psiphon v3
Psiphon v3 The Psiphon 3 Circumvention System is a relay-based Internet censorship circumventer. The system consists of a client application, which configures a users computer to direct Internet traffic; and a set of servers, which proxy client traffic to the Internet. As long as a client can connect to a Psiphon server, it can access Internet services that may be blocked to the user via direct connection. Features: Automatic discovery. Psiphon 3 clients ship with a set of known Psiphon servers to connect to. Over time, clients discover additional servers that are added to a backup server list. As older servers become blocked, each client will have a reserve list of new servers to draw from as it reconnects. To ensure that an adversary cannot enumerate and block a large number of servers, the Psiphon 3 system takes special measures to control how many servers may be discovered by a single client. Mobile ready. A Psiphon 3 client Android app will be available as part of the beta launch, and other mobile platforms are in the works. Zero install. Psiphon 3 is delivered to users as a minimal footprint, zero install application that can be downloaded from any webpage, file sharing site or shared by e-mail and passed around on a USB key. We keep the file size small and avoid the overhead of having to install an application. Custom branding. Psiphon 3 offers a flexible sponsorship system which includes sponsor-branded clients. Dynamic branding includes graphics and text on the client UI; and a region-specific dynamic homepage mechanism that allows a different home page to open depending on where in the world the client is run. Chain of trust. Each client instance may be digitally signed to ...
5/5 4,946 Dec 08, 2019
Psiphon Inc.
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