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Last Update/Developer
Endless Sky v0.10.4
Endless Sky v0.10.4 Open source space exploration, trading, and combat game. Endless Sky is a 2D space trading and combat game similar to the classic Escape Velocity series. Explore other star systems. Earn money by trading, carrying passengers, or completing missions. Use your earnings to buy a better ship or to upgrade the weapons and engines on your current one. Blow up pirates. Take sides in a civil war. Or leave human space behind and hope to find friendly aliens whose culture is more civilized than your own. Endless Sky is free and open source, the product of a growing community of developers and content creators. After years of working a factory job, you have finally saved up enough money to apply for a pilot's license and make a down payment on your very first starship. The backwater planet where you grew up only sells three ship models: a shuttle, a cargo barge, and a light interceptor. Depending on which one you choose, you'll start out earning money by transporting passengers, looking for good trade deals, or perhaps mining asteroids or taking jobs escorting freighter convoys. Of course, you are hoping to save up enough money for a much better ship before long. Human space is a network of two hundred star systems, most of them inhabited, joined by hyperspace links. No one really understands how the hyperdrive works or how the links were initially created, but they say that the strange aliens who live down at the edge of the Rim have other means of travel that allow them to visit other parts of the galaxy. A merchant captain can earn a living by buying cheap food and luxury goods from the poorer parts of the galaxy and trading it for medical supplies or electronics on richer worlds. But you can often earn a better ...
5/5 5,903 Oct 23, 2023
Michael Zahniser
Gaia Sky v3.5.7
Gaia Sky v3.5.7 A real-time, 3D, astronomy visualization software that runs on Windows, Linux and macOS. It is developed in the framework of ESA's Gaia mission to chart about 1 billion stars of our Galaxy in the Gaia group of the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut (ZAH, Universität Heidelberg). Features • Free and open source - Open source and free, and will stay this way. Contribute to the development and translations. • High object count - The MS-LOD technique enables the real-time exploration of billions of objects. • From Gaia to the cosmos - Explore from high-z galaxies to small asteroids in a seamless manner. • Virtual Reality - Visit the whole Universe in VR! • 6D exploration - Observe star positions but also proper motions and radial velocities, if available. • Planetary surfaces - Explore surfaces with elevation maps (using tessellation, if available). • Procedural planets - Procedurally generate planet surfaces, clouds and atmospheres. • Advanced graphics - Virtual textures, screen space reflections, shadows, HDR, ray-marched distance fields, dynamic resolution, etc. • Eclipses - Real-time eclipse representation in all bodies. • 3D-ready - 6 stereoscopic modes: Anaglyphic (red-cyan), VR headset, 3DTV (H and V), cross-eye and parallel view. • 360 mode - Spherical (equirectangular), cylindrical and Hammer projections available, plus many reprojection modes. • Planetarium projection mode - Azimuthal equidistant (dome master) projection for single-projector setups. MPCDI for real-time usage in multi-projector systems. Ready to produce videos for full domes from the desktop app. • Gaia - Observe Gaia in its orbit and discover its movement in the sky and its attitude. ...
5/5 655 Nov 08, 2023
Toni Sagristà Sellés - University of Heidelberg
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