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Last Update/Developer
Notes Keeper v5.0.3.0
Notes Keeper v5.0.3.0 A portable software to save notes and retrieve them for future use. Notes Keeper is a simple, yet powerful, software to take notes and save them. You can insert files and pictures to your note. It has simple Interface and it is user friendly to use. Steps to create new database Click on Note menu. Click on New Database. Give it a name. {Optional} Set a password for it. Be aware that passwords aren't recoverable. Done. Start creating notes by Ctrl+N or by new note button on the toolbar. Features of Notes Keeper -Creating a note ​-Auto saving -Groping notes -MultiTag -Unicode support -Encrypting a note -Set line spacing -Add space before and after a paragraph -Add many bullets -Change text case to one of 5 cases like title case, upper case, etc. -Ability to insert table, text, image and files to your notes -Add date and time to your note in many format. -Ability to set your custom date and time format. -Note statistics -Ability to protect specific text ​-Ability to format your note -Creating folders to organize your notes -Powerful search for notes and folders -Search within a note -Group filtering -Dynamic date and time at the status bar -Easy creating notes and folders -Easy connecting and creating databases -Easy grouping a note, and selecting a folder. -Number of notes and folders is shown -Home button [ALT+Home]. Jumping from anywhere to the root folder. -Default font and text color are customizable. -Default background color is customizable. -Date and time format is customizable. -Minimize to system tray and exit to system tray exist. -Option to start Notes Keeper minimized, maximized or normal. -Option to start Notes Keeper at windows startup. ​-Ability to set a note as startup note -Option to auto save notes starting from 1 minute to 30 minutes. -You can select a browser of choice to open links or let Notes Keeper use the default browser. -Option to remember ...
5/5 4,313 Dec 17, 2021
Sami Jildeh
Notes v2.2.1
Notes v2.2.1 An open source and cross-platform note-taking app that is both beautiful and powerful. For Windows, MacOS and Linux. Notes A place for great ideas. Notes is designed for whatever’s on your mind. Jot down your thoughts. Folders and Tags Organize your ideas hierarchically using nested folders and universally using tags. Markdown With Markdown you can create beautifully formatted notes without lifting your hands from the keyboard. Different themes for different moods Switch between Light, Dark, and Sepia themes according to your mood. Feed View Select multiple notes to see them all one after another in the editor. Search at the speed of light With instantaneous search, you will find what you're looking for right away. Write a thought right when it hits you Notes is always in the background, waiting for a thought to hit you. Use: Windows key + N to summon Notes instantly (Control + N on macOS) Auto Save With Auto Save no crash will take your thoughts away from you. And 'ctrl-s' is part of the past. Keyboard shortcuts Cross-platform Notes is working on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Open Source and Zero Tracking Notes is open source, which means the code is available for everyone to see. On top of that, Notes doesn't track your behavior. Changes v2.2.1 Improvements and bug fixes: Resolved a conflict within the Kanban interface: previously, editing a task would not conclude if a separate task was concurrently edited Addressed an issue where editing was mistakenly permitted within the editor while the Trash folder was active Fixed bug where icons didn't show up on some Linux distributions Corrected an inconsistency where icons were not displayed on certain Linux distributions Resolved display issues of specific windows on Ubuntu 23.04 Addressed an issue with the Editor Settings window failing to ...
5/5 1,935 Feb 28, 2024
Ruby Mamistvalove and Team
Perpetual Notes v4.01
Perpetual Notes v4.01 Write beautifully. Organize easily. Find everything. Take notes faster. Find information easily. Save notes in RTF with rich text formatting and images, meeting notes, web pages, projects, travel plan, research drafts - with Perpetual Notes as your note taking app, have fun with note taking again. Runs on Windows 7/8/10/11. Features Your notes are yours. No sign up needed. Notes are stored in RTF format. Supports plain text too. You choose your cloud integration platform. Add rich text, image, list etc. Search across all notes Auto Save Portable software Note: This file has a few hits on VirusTotal from the few engines that find viruses in every file. These are false positives. All of the major antivirus engines including Microsoft Defender and Malwarebytes give it a green light. The file is safe. - The Older Geeks Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,806 Nov 10, 2023
Ensel Software
Simple Sticky Notes v4.9
Simple Sticky Notes v4.9 Simple Sticky Notes is a lightweight and easy to use piece of software designed to enable you to take notes so you never forget about anything ever again. This application will sit quietly in your system tray, just in case you need it and help you create as many notes as you might need. Features: RichText support Colorful and Transparent Printable Snap to desktop edges Hide/Show all notes option Change Info: 4.9 (Feb 16, 2020) Added "Export" function to note explorer (Now you can export the notes you selected in note explorer) Fixed crash that occurred while playing the sound in the alarm window Fixed an issue related to deleting notes Fixed some translation problems Fixed other some bugs Improved some UI features Improved stability and performance Updated SQLite Database Engine to version 3.31.1 Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 8,415 Jul 02, 2020
Simnet Ltd.
Trilium Notes v0.62.6
Trilium Notes v0.62.6 A hierarchical note taking application with focus on building large personal knowledge bases. Features • Notes can be arranged into arbitrarily deep tree. Single note can be placed into multiple places in the tree (see cloning) • Rich WYSIWYG note editing including e.g. tables, images and math with markdown autoformat • Support for editing notes with source code, including syntax highlighting • Fast and easy navigation between notes, full text search and note hoisting • Seamless note versioning • Note attributes can be used for note organization, querying and advanced scripting • Synchronization with self-hosted sync server there's a 3rd party service for hosting synchronization server • Sharing (publishing) notes to public internet • Strong note encryption with per-note granularity • Sketching diagrams with built-in Excalidraw (note type "canvas") • Relation maps and link maps for visualizing notes and their relations • Scripting - see Advanced showcases • REST API for automation • Scales well in both usability and performance upwards of 100 000 notes • Touch optimized mobile frontend for smartphones and tablets • Night theme • Evernote and Markdown import & export • Web Clipper for easy saving of web content Changes: v0.62.6 optimize migration process #4535 fix rendering image title in share renderer, closes #4578 fix URL unescaping in improper place, #4566 support SVG image upload, fixes #4573 remove conflicting ...
5/5 2,722 Feb 15, 2024
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