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File - Download Notes Keeper v4.1.3.0

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Notes Keeper v4.1.3.0

Notes Keeper is a portable software to save notes and retrieve them for future use.

Notes Keeper is a simple, yet powerful, software to take notes and save them. You can insert files and pictures to your note.
It has simple Interface and it is user friendly to use.

Steps to create new database

Click on Note menu.
Click on New Database.
Give it a name.
{Optional} Set a password for it. Be aware that passwords aren't recoverable.

Start creating notes by Ctrl+N or by new note button on the toolbar.

Features of Notes Keeper

-Creating a note (obvious)
-Groping notes
-Unicode support
-Encrypting a note
-Set line spacing
-Add space before and after a paragraph
-Add many bullets
-Change text case to one of 5 cases like title case, upper case, etc.
-Ability to insert table, text, image and files to your notes
-Add date and time to your note in many format.
-Ability to set your custom date and time format.
-Note statistics
-Ability to protect specific text
​-Ability to format your note
-Creating folders to organize your notes
-Powerful search for notes and folders
-Search within a note
-Group filtering
-Dynamic date and time at the status bar
-Easy creating notes and folders
-Easy connecting and creating databases
-Easy grouping a note, and selecting a folder.
-Number of notes and folders is shown
-Home button [ALT+Home]. Jumping from anywhere to the root folder.
-Default font and text color are customizable.
-Default background color is customizable.
-Date and time format is customizable.
-Minimize to system tray and exit to system tray exist.
-Option to start Notes Keeper minimized.
-Option to start Notes Keeper at windows startup.
-Option to auto save notes starting from 1 minute to 30 minutes.
-You can select a browser of choice to open links or let Notes Keeper use the default browser.
-Option to remember Notes Keeper's position on the desktop at exit.
-Option to remember Notes Keeper's size at exit.
-Ability to import a text-like file as note.
-Ability to print notes. Print page setup and print preview available.
-Can set Notes Keeper transparent. Useful when making a note while reading something from a browser or file.
-Full screen
-Always on top
-Locking notes
-Ability to edit the text's font and size.
-Many text formatting options.
-Password protect a note.
-Password protect a folder.
-Sending notes as attachment or as email.
-Renaming notes and folders from the tree itself.
-Searching the web: Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia, IMDB, and OneLook inside a note
-Snap Notes Keeper window.
-Ability to add Unicode characters to a note.
-Ability to copy/move notes and folders between folders.

Change Log
Version [30/5/2019]

Updated SQLite database engine to v1.0.110.0
Added hide folders panel (Tree panel)
Some icons changed
Some icons rearranged
Clear all formatting will remove superscript and subscript too
Increase and decrease font added beside font drop down box
Fix: New note -> Paste from clipboard failed when pasting text from clipboard when it contains apostrophe [ Ď ]
Fix: Notes Keeper doesnít being located in the right location on desktop when remember location is enabled
Internal fixes

CRC32: 77417D25
MD5: 9423E41C6F42AE15BE515DCD23388917
SHA-1: 79A256FE3905E7C67B90E5A65E8F6ECD70C04444
SHA-256: 8041D2D5AE8628928F7DBD47FD2A1227502814035E9FCF655E14EE30806427AF


.NET 4.6 minimum
Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Update 3

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332 538 Sami Jildeh <img src=" Keeper1_th.png"border="0"> Oct 24, 2019 - 17:47 2.58MB ZIP 5/5, out of 1 Votes.
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Notes  Keeper  v4.1.3.0  

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