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File - Download PersistentWindows v5.40

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PersistentWindows v5.40

An open source utility that persists window positions and size when the monitor display count/resolution adjusts and restores back to itís previous settings.

For those of you with multi-monitors running on a mixture of DisplayPort and any other connection, you can run
this tool and not have to worry about re-arranging when all is back to normal.

Key features
  • Keeps track of window position change in real time (including taskbar window), and automatically restores window layout to last matching monitor setup.
  • Support remote desktop session with multiple display configurations.
  • Support desktop layout captures (>= 32) on hard drive in liteDB format, so that closed windows can be restored after reboot.
  • Take desktop layout snapshots in memory (max 36 for each display configuration), window z-order is preserved in snapshot. This feature can be used as an alternative to virtual desktops on Windows 10.
  • Pause/resume auto restore.
  • Support automatic upgrade.


1) Download the .zip file at the bottom of this page.
2) Unzip the file into any directory
3) It is highly recommended to create a task in Task Scheduler to automatically start PersistentWindows triggered by user log on.
  • Make sure to select "Run only when user is logged on", and disable "Stop the task if it runs longer than (3 days)" in task property settings.
  • Specify command option "-delay_start 10" in Edit Action dialog to avoid startup failure after Windows upgrade

Use instructions
  • Run PersistentWindows.exe as normal user, a splash window will pop up, indicating the program has started successfully.
  • PersistentWindows minimizes itself as an icon in the systray area on task bar.
  • In taskbar settings, turn on PW to let the icon always appear on taskbar, the icon will change to red color during restore, providing visual hint to user to avoid maneuver window

  • To help restoring taskbar window, make sure taskbar is unlocked (i.e. it can be dragged using mouse), also please do NOT move mouse during window recovery.

  • Check menu every month for software upgrade notice.

Known issues
  • A computer reboot triggered by Windows Update has recently caused the PersistentWindows icon to disappear. To fix it, please add the command option "-delay_start 10" in Task Scheduler and reboot
  • Some applications (such as Task Manager, Event Viewer etc) require running PersistentWindows with administrator privileges to fully recover the window layout. There is an option to "Run with highest privileges" when you add PersistentWindows in Task Scheduler.
  • PersistentWindows can get stuck in a "busy" state (with a red icon in the System Tray) during a restore if one of the windows becomes unresponsive. You may find out the culprit window in Task Manager using "Analyze wait chain". The unresponsive app might need an immediate hot-upgrade, or need to be killed to let PersistentWindows proceed
  • Some Windows built-in apps (such as Sticky Notes) cannot be easily launched when restoring from disk. The user needs to manually launch them


v5.40 12-10-22
Fix issue #184, Reliably restore full-dual-screen remote desktop window
Fix issue #187, PW crashes at startup
Fix issue #189, PW menu disappears
Fix issue #190, Avoid fixing Core.UI window that seems to be off-screen but actually is not.
New command option -delay_auto_capture, -delay_auto_restore to finetune capture/restore latency. Find out details on Help page
New command option -debug_process to log window event for specified process name.

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