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File - Download OpenRGB v0.5

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OpenRGB v0.5

Open source RGB lighting control that doesn't depend on manufacturer software. For Windows, Linux, MacOS.

ASUS, ASRock, Corsair, G.Skill, Gigabyte, HyperX, MSI, Razer, ThermalTake, and more supported.

One of the biggest complaints about RGB is the software ecosystem surrounding it. Every manufacturer has their own app, their own brand, their own style. If you want to mix and match devices, you end up with a ton of conflicting, functionally identical apps competing for your background resources. On top of that, these apps are proprietary and Windows-only. Some even require online accounts. What if there was a way to control all of your RGB devices from a single app, on both Windows and Linux, without any nonsense? That is what OpenRGB sets out to achieve. One app to rule them all.


Set colors and select effect modes for a wide variety of RGB hardware
Save and load profiles
Control lighting from third party software using the OpenRGB SDK
Command line interface
Connect multiple instances of OpenRGB to synchronize lighting across multiple PCs
Can operate standalone or in a client/headless server configuration
View device information
No official/manufacturer software required
Graphical view of device LEDs makes creating custom patterns easy

See the Supported Devices page for the current list of supported devices.

This project interacts directly with hardware using reverse engineered protocols. While we do our best to make sure we're sending the right data, there is always some risk in sending data to hardware when we don't understand exactly how that hardware works.
There have been two instances of hardware damage in OpenRGB's development and we've taken precautions to prevent it from happening again.

The MSI Mystic Light code reportedly bricked the RGB on certain MSI boards when sending certain modes. This code has been disabled and MSI Mystic Light motherboards will not work with OpenRGB at this time.
There were reports of bricked Gigabyte Aorus Z390 motherboards caused by dumping SMBus address 0x68 in an attempt to reverse engineer the RGB. Due to this, the SMBus Tools page on OpenRGB is hidden by default now as it has no real use to non-developers.
To enable the MSI Mystic Light code, you must uncomment the detection macro in the Mystic Light controller detection code and recompile.

OpenRGB Version 0.5
New Features:

Settings have been consolidated into a new file OpenRGB.json, using JSON format
Settings tab allows enabling and disabling devices from the user interface
Configuration files are stored in an XDG-compliant configuration directory (%APPDATA%\OpenRGB or ~/.config/OpenRGB)
Speed up detection by limiting I2C/SMBus detectors to specific PCI IDs
Dark theme for Windows
Linux binary lower cased, improved Debian packages, and providing them with release
Fixed profile loading, deleting

Device Controller Changes:

E1.31 improvements - better grouping, unicast support
MSI-RGB color inversion fixed
LED labels added to some Corsair mice
Espurna controller API support
EVGA GPU (V1 and partial V2 - 1xxx and 2xxx series) support
New SteelSeries devices - Apex Pro TKL, Old Apex
Philips Wiz support
Linux LED sysfs support
Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB support
Sony DualShock 4 support
Logitech G213 support
ASUS Mice support - ROG Gladius II Core, ROG Gladius II, and ROG Gladius II Origin
HyperX Fury Ultra mousemat support
SteelSeries Apex M750
ASUS TUF gaming laptops on Windows (already supported via Faustus on Linux)
Cooler Master ARGB controller support
NZXT Hue+ performance improved
HyperX DRAM mapping issues resolved, flicker reduced
More keymaps for Razer keyboards

Known Issues:

Redragon M711 wave effect doesn't work
Some Corsair mice do not have specific LED labels
Some Razer keyboards are missing key maps
Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro takes 2 "Set All Device" clicks to properly set
Asus Addressable number of channels may be incorrect
MSI Mystic Light controller still disabled due to bricking risk, bricking situation being investigated. OpenRGB 0.5 will not brick your MSI board as this code is disabled.


Due to changes to the profile manager, any existing profiles you have saved from previous versions likely will not work and will need to be recreated. Same goes for saved addressable controller sizes.

This download is for the Windows 64bit version.
If you need the Windows 32bit version, download here.
If you need the Linux 32bit AppImage version, download here.
If you need the Linux 64bit AppImage version, download here.
If you need the Linux Debian 32bit version, download here.
If you need the Linux Debian 64bit version version, download here.
If you need the Linux Debian ARM 64bit version, download here.
If you need the Udev Rules (not needed for .deb), download here.

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