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Last Update/Developer
OpenRGB v0.7
OpenRGB v0.7 Open source RGB lighting control that doesn't depend on manufacturer software One of the biggest complaints about RGB is the software ecosystem surrounding it. Every manufacturer has their own app, their own brand, their own style. If you want to mix and match devices, you end up with a ton of conflicting, functionally identical apps competing for your background resources. On top of that, these apps are proprietary and Windows-only. Some even require online accounts. What if there was a way to control all of your RGB devices from a single app, on both Windows and Linux, without any nonsense? That is what OpenRGB sets out to achieve. One app to rule them all. Control RGB without wasting system resources Lightweight User Interface OpenRGB keeps it simple with a lightweight user interface that doesn't waste background resources with excessive custom images and styles. It is light on both RAM and CPU usage, so your system can continue to shine without cutting into your gaming or productivity performance. Control RGB from a single app Eliminate Bloatware If you have RGB devices from many different manufacturers, you will likely have many different programs installed to control all of your devices. These programs do not sync with each other, and they all compete for your system resources. OpenRGB aims to replace every single piece of proprietary RGB software with one lightweight app. Contribute your RGB devices Open Source OpenRGB is free and open source software under the GNU General Public License version 2. This means anyone is free to view and modify the code. If you know C++, you can add your own device with our flexible RGB hardware abstraction layer. Being open source means more devices are constantly being added! Control RGB on Windows, Linux, and MacOS Cross-Platform OpenRGB runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS. No longer is RGB control a Windows-exclusive ...
5/5 2,471 Mar 22, 2022
Adam Honse
Registry Explorer v0.7
Registry Explorer v0.7 Portable replacement for the Windows built-in Regedit.exe tool. Improvements over that tool include: Show real Registry (not just the standard one) Sort list view by any column Key icons for hives, inaccessible keys, and links Key details: last write time and number of keys/values Displays MUI and REG_EXPAND_SZ expanded values Full search (Find All / Ctrl+Shift+F) Enhanced hex editor for binary values Undo/redo Copy/paste of keys/values Optionally replace RegEdit more to come! Changes: v0.7 Beta 7-25-21 import/export single instance option replace regedit option "lightweight" dark mode load/unload hives bug fixes Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 2,335 Jul 26, 2021
Pavel Yosifovich
Turtle Arena v0.7
Turtle Arena v0.7 A free and open source cross-platform third-person action game using the Spearmint engine. Turtle Arena is multiplayer oriented with multiple game modes that can be played in splitscreen, over a network, and with bot players. This browser does not support HTML5 video player. Download video (75 MB). Features Four player splitscreen. Network multiplayer. 7 Playable Gametypes; Single Player / cooperative platformer mode (unfinished). Free for All (Deathmatch). Dual, one vs. one dual. Team Deathmatch. Capture the Flag (CTF), take the other team's flag back to your base. One Flag CTF, take the center flag to the other team's base. Overload, attack the other team's base. Four playable characters. Melee and projectile weapons. Shurikens, pick up projectile weapons that are usable regardless of currently held weapon. ...
5/5 1,636 Apr 10, 2022
Zack Middleton
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