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File - Download TCP Connection Tester v2.0.1.1

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TCP Connection Tester v2.0.1.1

Check for completion of the standard TCP 3-way handshake between a local interface IP address and a target host. TCPConTest also lets you check the selected network interface for IP packet errors.

Application purpose: TCPConTest checks for completion of the TCP 3-way handshake (SYN,SYN+ACK,ACK) between a selected source network interface's unicast IP address and target port number you provide and the target host. If the target host is accessible over the IP version chosen and the port number provided, the time elapsed from the beginning to the end of this connection synchronization sequence is returned to the "Time to connect:" line in the test results. A test of this sort is helpful when you need to separate TCP communications setup time at the network layer from a system's or application's handling of the network process.

Overview: After accepting the |Product terms of use & legal notice|, TCP Handshake Connection Tester • IPv4 & IPv6© can be run on any computer that meets the minimum system requirements. This application is portable. No installation is needed. My self-signed certificate, attached to this application, verifies code authenticity and safety. Digital signature Serial number: 6ed008241d6e629445ac34c3d826f560, Thumbprint: 254b4a1c38430d09b99d47f1514e601f6dd4bf5e. If you'd like, you can import this certificate into your computer's certificate store.

Clicking the [?] button displays this screen, the 'About • Donations • User's Guide' information screen.
Selecting a line from the contents listing above will return related help to the bottom view here.

1) First, return a list of IP-enabled network interfaces which have unicast addresses on your computer. Clicking the left-most button on the toolstrip will retrieve a list of local network interfaces along with their MAC addresses and configured IP addresses. Find the unicast IP address in this output that you want to use as the source address when testing a particular TCP connection. You can sort the rows in the list - ascending and descending - by clicking the desired column header.

2) Returning interface properties provides a view of current configuration information along with a summary of IP packet errors reported on the selected local network interface. This information can be helpful when troubleshooting and ensuring correct security configurations of an interface. Returning interface properties is not a requirement before conducting a TCP handshake connection test. Source interface properties which are displayed include:

Interface name
Link speed in bps between the interface and the router
MAC address
Unicast IP address
Gateway IP addresses
DNS server IP addresses
IP packet error counts - both incoming and outgoing

3) After returning a list of IP-enabled network interfaces, select the network interface with the unicast IP address you want to use for the source originating the TCP connection test. Note: A disconnected interface will fail a connection test since all such interfaces are not readily able to transmit IP packets. Disconnected interfaces with only default IP addresses configured are listed in the top network interfaces output area as a measure of providing visibility into your computer's current network interface configurations and to assist with diagnostics.

4) Provide the name or IP address of the target host. If you are identifying the target by an IP address, TCPConTest will accept an IPv4 or IPv6 formatted address. Type the destination TCP port number that you want to try to connect to on the target. An integer port number in the standard range ε[1,65535] ~ between 1 and 65535 inclusive, will be accepted by this application.

5) After you've selected a source network interface with the preferred unicast IP address and provided a target hostname or IP address and target TCP port number, you are ready to try to connect to the target host. Click the start [►] button to test for completion of the TCP 3-way handshake sequence. While the test is being carried out, the status indicator will display that it is working. The • TCP handshake connection test results • are returned to the bottom-right section of the application UI. After the test completes, the application status indicator will show 'Ready'.

6) After the connection test completes, the results are returned to the bottom-right section of the application UI. A summary statement PASS or FAIL is returned first. Additional TCP connection test information is displayed.

Time of this test: in yyyy-MM-dd format
The target host: as entered
Source network interface: interface name
Source MAC address:
Source unicast IP address:
Source IP endpoint: (Source IP address:Source TCP port)
Target IP endpoint: (Target IP address:Target TCP port)
Time to connect: (in ms)
Error messages from a failed TCP connection test are returned to the results output at the point of test failure.

7) Use this command to copy the interface properties output to the clipboard. The output can then be pasted from the clipboard into another application.

8) Use this command to copy the connection test results to the clipboard. The output can then be pasted from the clipboard into another application.

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