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Mirror v1.5.0
Mirror v1.5.0 Mirror copies a directory to another location. If the destination directory already exists, Mirror only copies the files that have been added, modified, or deleted compared to the source directory. Mirror is especially adapted to frequent backups. Compared to a classical directory copy, it saves time by only copying new or modified files. Moreover, when Mirror detects that a file is no more present in the source directory, it deletes it from the destination directory too. This saves disk space if you rename or move files. Mirror is a command line tool, without graphical interface. It can be easily used in scripts and BATCH files. How to install Mirror? ---------------------- Choose the EXE file matching your Windows version: - 64-bit: take Mirror64.exe; - 32-bit Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8: take MirrorNT.exe; - 32-bit Windows 95/98/ME: take Mirror9x.exe. Copy the file to C:\Windows for Mirror to be accessible without having to specify its full path. You can then launch Mirror from a console box. You can rename the file MirrorXX.exe you have chosen to Mirror.exe or any other name. How do I use Mirror? -------------------- Typical use: C:\MyFiles is the source directory E:\Backup\MyFiles is the destination directory Ensure the destination directory E:\Backup\MyFiles exists, by creating it if necessary. Mirror does not create the destination directory automatically to avoid mistakes. Then, open a console box ( ou cmd.exe) and type: mirror.exe C:\MyFiles E:\Backup\MyFiles You can automate the full procedure by creating a BATCH file (.bat extension) containing those two lines: @echo off mirror.exe C:\MyFiles E:\Backup\MyFiles Why has Mirror problems with modification times? ------------------------------------------------ When using Mirror with the source directory in a NTFS partition and the destination directory in a FAT16 or FAT32 partition, time precision issues may occur. Modification times in FAT partitions are rounded to the nearest 2 seconds, while modification times in NTFS partitions are very precise (100 nanoseconds). This limitation explains why files you just mirrored may not have exactly the same modification time. By default, Mirror tries to avoid time precision problems by considering that modification times having a difference less than ...
5/5 3,269 Jan 18, 2021
Guillaume Ryder
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