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File - Download PS Hash v1.0

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PS Hash v1.0

A program that calculates checksums and hashes of files, compares the contents of files using an algorithm specified by the user, verifying and generating checksum files (.md5, .sha1, .sha256 and others), calculating checksums of the given text.

PS Hash is a program that calculates checksums and hashes of files and given text.
The program supports 30 hashing algorithms, among others MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, the SHA-3 algorithm family.

To facilitate the use of the program, the interface has been divided into thematic modules displayed on separate tabs.


The first module - File - allows you to calculate checksums of any files. The controls displaying the calculated values have been divided into groups and placed on collapsible panels. Each algorithm can be freely activated / deactivated, depending on the needs.
Files and folders can be added by drag and drop.


The calculated checksums and hash functions values are automatically saved in the table in the second module - Log. This table allows you to view all previously calculated values, filter data based on specific criteria, sort, move rows and columns, delete unneeded data, as well as copy information to the clipboard and save to a text file.
To show or hide columns, right-click on the header of any column and in the context menu select the columns that are important to you and deselect those you do not need.


The third program module is used to compare the selected file with other files or a previously calculated checksum / hash.
Many software companies publish checksums of files made available for download from their servers. If you want to make sure that the downloaded file has not been modified in any way (during the download process or by malware), PS Hash allows you to easily check the originality of such a file by calculating the checksum of the downloaded file and comparing it with the value provided by the producer.
If you have a checksum and you don't know which function was used to calculate it, the program can detect the used algorithm based on the length of the given checksum / hash.


The fourth module of the program - Verify - is used to verify data on the basis of previously prepared special text files containing lists of file names and related checksum / hash values. Such files usually have the extensions .sfv, .md5, .sha1, .sha256. PS Hash is compatible with programs generating such files included in the GNU Coreutils package, commonly used on Unix / Linux systems. In addition to verification, PS Hash also allows you to generate such files.


The last of the modules is used to calculate checksums of the given text. The user can set the method of the text encoding from the list containing about 150 code pages.

The most important features

Calculation of checksums and hashes of selected files.
Log all calculated values with the possibility to copy data to the clipboard and save to a text file.
Comparing the contents of two files based on a user-defined algorithm.
Comparing the calculated checksum / hash value with the checksum / hash value provided by the user.
Data verification based on .sfv, .md5, .sha1, .sha256, .sha512 checksum files and many other.
Generating files with checksums / hashes of selected files and directories.
Calculation of checksums of user-supplied text.
Integration (optional) with the system shell. The program can be associated with checksum files (.md5, .sha1, .sha256 etc.).
The program also allows you to add commands that generate checksum files to the context menu of directories available from the Explorer.
Displaying a list of running processes and modules (libraries) used by these processes with the possibility of calculating the checksum / hash of each (not protected by the system) displayed file.
You can check the displayed files on, as well as search the names of the displayed files on Goolge and DuckDuckGo.
The program is portable and does not require installation of any additional libraries, runtime environments, frameworks, etc. Only one INI file located in the directory with the program executable file is used to save the settings. If you do not use (optional) integration with the system shell, you can safely move program files to another directory, computer and run it from a new location.
Possibility of program automation thanks to support of options passed on the command line. The full list is available by pressing Ctrl + F9.
Built-in multi-language support mechanism based on INI files with UTF-8 encoding. To write subsequent language versions, an ordinary text editor is sufficient, e.g. the system Notepad.
This program is completely free. You can use it without any restrictions, also for commercial purposes. There are no limitations, adware, spyware.

Version 1.0 (2020.05.09)
Initial release.

This download is for the 64bit version. If you need the 32bit version, download here.

PS Hash - Files

PS Hash - Log

PS Hash - Filtering

PS Hash - Compare

PS Hash - Verify

PS Hash - Text

PS Hash - Processes

PS Hash - Shell integration

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3,344 4,558 Jacek Pazera <img src=""border="0"> May 09, 2020 - 10:37 1.0 2.17MB ZIP 5/5, out of 21 Votes.
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