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File - Download Pencil v3.1.1

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Pencil v3.1.1

An open-source GUI prototyping tool.

Pencil is built for the purpose of providing a free and open-source GUI prototyping tool that people can easily install and use to create mockups in popular desktop platforms.

Easy GUI Prototyping

Pencil provides various built-in shapes collection for drawing different types of user interface ranging from desktop to mobile platforms. Starting from 2.0.2, Pencil is shipped with Android and iOS UI stencils pre-installed. This makes it even easier to start protyping apps with a simple installation.

Popular drawing features are also implemented in Pencil to simplify the drawing operations.

Built-in Shape Collections

Starting from 2.0.2 Pencil has even more shape collections included by default. The list of built-in collections now includes general-purpose shapes, flowchart elements, desktop/web UI shapes, Android and iOS GUI shapes.

There are also many other collections created by the community and are distributed freely on the Internet. You can easily grab a collection and install it into Pencil with a simple drag-and-drop operation.

Some of the stencil collections that you can try are collected in the download archive.

Diagram Drawing Support

Pencil now supports connectors which can be used to "wire" shapes together in a diagram. A collection of flowchart shapes are also available for drawing diagrams.

Exporting to Different Output Formats

Pencil supports outputing the drawing document into different types of formats. You can have your drawing exported as a set of rasterized PNG files or as a web page that can be delivered to the viewers.

Pencil also supports exporting documents into popular formats including OpenOffice/LibreOffice text documents, Inkscape SVG and Adobe PDF.

Easily Find Cliparts from the Internet

Pencil has a clipart browser tool that integrates with to let users easily find cliparts by keywords and added them into the drawing by a simple drag-and-drop operation.

Clipart listed by the tool are in vector format and hence good for users in scaling to appropriate sizes.

Inter-page linking

Elements in a drawing can be linked to a specific page in the same document. This helps user define the UI flow when creating application or website mockups.

Linkings defined in a document are converted into HTML hyper-links when the document is exported into web format. This process creates an interactive version of the mockup in which viewers can see a simulated flow when clicking on the UI elements.

Add object name in property page
Fix side pane status and style
Implement showing page properties in PropertyPane
Fix font editor sizing in property page
Added missing change for new collection pane style
Strong hover effect for collection pane
Update page list view styling
Increase version to 3.1.1 and remove dep on electron-rebuild
Use smaller collection selector in smaller screens
Fixed freehand reference
Move OSX icon into build
Move build into app
Fix package.json for electron-builder
Refactor page list navigation
New collection pane color theme
Fixed typo
Fix editor styling
Add button global style for buttons
Add icon.icns support to OS X
change configuration for mac arm build
Use arm64 as mac arch
Use universal as mac arch
Use electron-builder 23.3.3
Temporarily disable gesture toolbar
Add support for free hand drawing
UI: change alignment toolbar icons
Add utilities for calculating color contrast
Use less aggressive snapping
Fix: improve color icon display
Fix incorrect rounding when calculating snapping positions
Fix: geometry editor failed to flip shapes
UI Refresh: use two-tone variant to replace the classic one in material icons
Fix: Rich text color choose not loading recently used colors
Fix open dialog and shell API changes
Add @electron/remote
Rasterizer: fix page capturing for Electron 15
Upgrade to Electron 15.2.0
Fix psating of bitmap when clipboard containing also HTML content enriched by browser
Explicitly use .png for screenshot tmp file
Update to electron 11.4.4
Add support for generic external commandline-based screenshooter
Fixed load file for image data prompt
Add delay to renderer
Fix collection installer open dialog API changes caused by Electron 10
Show error message when editor quits to fast
Allow external editor for unlisted extensions
Fix progress dialog annoying text jump
Upgrade to Electron 10.1.3
Add xml syntax for code editor
Add xml syntax for code editor
Improve recent document and page thumbnail views
Additional API fix for electron 9.3.0 that affects export
Fix file dialog API when saving and loading
New gesture and experimental clipart search
Migrate to electron 9.3.0
Fix error during save if document contains font which is not installed
Fix: changing shadow dx has no effect
fix snapping and prototype export
Refactor how snapping was calculated and handled
Implement partial property changes for all remaining types
Disable dev tool auto open in dev mode
Adding support for property change mask to partially change a property in a group of targets
Fix wrong image size when pasting from clipboard in hidpi screens
Fix clickable prototype export template
Remove error log when no private collection was found
Add support for specifying custom UI font
Add configuration to enable hardware acceleration in Linux
Fix #577 - v3.1.0 break search bar

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4,131 6,165 Evolus <img src=""border="0"> Jan 17, 2024 - 12:23 3.1.0 143.35MB EXE 5/5, out of 60 Votes.
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