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File - Download Router Screen Capture 2.0.2

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==Official Mirror==
Router Screen Capture 2.0.2
Capture the WebPages of your router to submit to

All you need to do is view every page in your router. Including clicking the add buttons (if any) on the port forwarding and port triggering pages.

After each page is done loading the program will take a screenshot and capture the html code. Once your all done the program will let you upload the files to me. A typical router takes about 3 - 7 min to capture (30+ screens normally)

This information is then used to add a screenshots page and "How To" guides on my website. Showing you how to do many things such as port forwarding, port triggering, and configuring your wireless. The html code is used to add your router to my Simple Port Forwarding program, allowing you to forward ports easier than ever.

This program is totally free and very easy to use. Once you're done you simply click "Done". At which point the program will compress all the data into a single zip file and then ask you to upload the file to the site.

You can even view the zip file and what was sent to me. The zip files are under the capture dir in the same dir as this program.

I thank you for taking the time to get this data to me! If you need any help or notice a bug or error just contact me.

What I plan on doing with these screens falls in this order:
1. Check and blur out any information on the screens such as IP addresses and such.
2. If possible add support for the router to the Simple Port Forwarding program.
3. Add the screenshots page for the router.
4. Write a port forwarding how to guide for the router.
5. Write a port triggering guide for the router.
6. Write a wireless setup guide.

Here are a few Tips & Tricks about the program.

The program uses the the IE browser control for programmers to view the WebPages. The IE control is used for 2 main reason.
1. Every normal Windows system has IE.
2. No other browser controls are out there! I looked at the Mozilla control but it hasn't been worked on since 2005 and was unfinished, so it wouldn't work.

So far there have been, on a very small few, routers that wouldn't work with the program. The IE control seems to have authentication issues with some of the older routers.
Where the normal IE would browse the router fine but the IE control could only few the first page then was unable to view any others getting a 401 authentication error.
Since this seems to be a bug in the IE control there isn't much I can do. But I am actively looking for more information on the subject and to try and find a fix.

When you put a username and/or password in the program it will login you into the pages like this example: 'http://admin:password@'
This is a way for browsers to login without prompting for a password box.

If you have trouble with this simply remove the user name and password and leave them blank, the program will then go to the page normally example: ''
At which point the browser will pop open a pop up box asking for the username and password.

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Downloads Views Developer Last Update Version Size Type Rank
4,437 5,422 PcWinTech Dec 21, 2013 - 02:52 2.0.2 2.52MB EXE 0/5, out of 34 Votes.
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Router  Screen  Capture  2.0.2  

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