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File - Download BiglyBT v2.0 Win64

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BiglyBT v2.0 Win64

BiglyBT is a feature-filled Bittorrent client based on the Azureus open source project.

Feature filled, open source, ad-free, bittorrent client.

BiglyBT is the continuation of the Vuze/Azureus open source project first created in 2003, and is being actively developed by the original coders.
We've kept all of the features you love, while dropping the ones you probably don't (such as ads and third party software).

If you are already using Azureus or Vuze, you'll have the option to copy and migrate the configuration settings, downloads, and plugins.

Downloading Features

Swarm Merging to complete torrents that do not have all the available bits, and to speed up downloading
Rate limiting globally, by download, by tag, by peer-set (e.g. peers from a given country), by network (public/I2P) and even by peer. Overall capacity limits are also supported to work with ISP limits. Limits can also be scheduled by time of day etc.
WebTorrent support - BiglyBT can download and seed to WebTorrent peers. There is also a built-in WebTorrent tracker.

Control Features

Robust settings. If you want to control it, there’s probably a setting for it!
Remote controlling via Android app (any android app that supports the Transmission RPC will do, but we recommend ).

Organization, Discovery & Social Features

Tags and Categories. Allows you also to set share ratios, file locations, speed limits, etc for a group of torrents.
Meta-search, with the ability to add and create custom site templates
Swarm Discoveries which lists torrents that other people have downloaded along with the torrents you download.
Tag Discovery to discover what other users have tagged content with. This can be very helpful before deciding to download the content.
Subscriptions to RSS feeds as well as search results. You can also create your own subscription feed to share with others
Decentralized ratings and comments. You can view them before the torrent is added to BiglyBT.
Decentralized public and anonymous chats with default channels for individual torrents, tags, subscriptions, and trackers

Privacy/Security Features

I2P support (using I2P DHT) for anonymous downloading
Detection of VPNs for better integration
Ability to proxy search results, subscriptions, and internal browser connections through Tor if site is inaccessible

Content Features

Media Playback
Media Conversion (Transcoding)
UPnP Media Server and DLNA support, allowing devices to connect and browse your content, and allowing BiglyBT to send content directly to devices.


RSS to chat publisher for sharing content streams via chat
Decentralized content replication for sharing arbitrary modifiable files Released!

There are lots of new features, enhancements and fixes, as you can see from the various beta release posts:

BiglyBT has been around the block enough to shake off the need to the transitional feature that allowed BiglyBT to work with trackers that had yet to permit it.

Version has no option to set the tracker ‘Peer ID’ to that of Vuze (or the most recent non-beta BiglyBT release).

Please inform any private trackers that had issues with this that the feature has now been removed.

For summary, here is a list of the new features in no particular order:

Most config parameters now have a “Reset to Default” option on right click of their label
Console UI: Config sections and parameters now available via `config` command
Added ‘move’ option to 'find existing data files’
New option to hide 'torrent already added’ dialogs
Added 'show download’ menu option when Files View has multiple downloads
Extended torrent import start modes to match open-torrent dialog
Added 'swarm merge’ into to library message icons
Added 'show in explorer’ to File and Directory parameters context menu
Option for separate library table configuration for Tag and Tag Group views
Added tooltip to config option labels to show minimum user mode
Allow plugins to add to the Tools menu
Added additional 'add modes’ of paused, stopped+allocated, paused+allocated
Additional share-ratio related information in stats export
Chat participant muting is now persisted
Options to disable TCP/UDP peers
Added archive, delete from library and delete from computer as tag-ratio actions
Per-tag 'move on remove’ file settings

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1,835 2,695 Bigly Software <img src=""border="0"> Jul 30, 2019 - 11:54 2.0 10.19MB EXE 5/5, out of 10 Votes.
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