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File - Download Angband v4.2.0 (MacOS)

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Angband v4.2.0 (MacOS)

Angband is a free, single-player dungeon exploration game.

You play an adventurer seeking riches, fighting monsters, and preparing for a final battle with Morgoth, the Lord of Darkness.

Angband is a freeware, open-source computer game of dungeon exploration, based very loosely on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. You explore a very deep dungeon, kill monsters, try to equip yourself with the best weapons and armor you can find. The goal of the game is to defeat Morgoth.

Angband has a very long history. It started in 1990 as an improved and "Tolkienized" variant of Moria. Moria itself was created in 1985 and was inspired by Rogue (from the late 70s). The first version of Angband was created by Alex Cutler and Andy Astrand at the University of Warwick. The notable maintainers in the 90s were Charles Swiger and Ben Harrison. In 2000, Robert Ruhlmann took over. Starting March 2006, the game was looked after by Julian Lighton, and since April 2007 by Andrew Sidwell. Starting the release of 3.5.0 on Christmas Day 2013, the game is maintained by Nick.

Angband is a member of a family of similar games called rogue-likes. Other well known games of this type are Nethack, Slash'Em or ADOM.

Angband, with its source code available to general public, spun a lot of variants over time - versions of the game with changes against the original Angband. The original Angband game is referred to as Vanilla Angband.

Angband is dual licensed, either under the historical Moria license, or under GPLv2.

Angband Releases: 4.2.0

4.2.0 was slated to make big changes to two important parts of the game: classes, and monsters. While each of these was big enough to deserve a minor version increase in its own right, doing both together so they could be balanced against each other was preferred. As with 4.1.0, there was much community discussion about the changes. Version 4.2.0 was released on Saturday the 17th of August 2019.
Summary of Changes

Two new realms of magic have been added, nature and shadow, to the existing divine and arcane realms.

Nature realm relies on harnessing the power of the earth, and is opposite to the arcane realm, which uses craft and cunning.
Divine realm uses harmony and light, and is opposite to the shadow realm which aligns with darkness, power and sacrifice.
Rangers now use nature magic, like the new Druid class
Necromancers are the major shadow caster class
Blackguards are fighters enhanced by shadow magic
Pure casters (mages, priests, druids, necromancers) use five books (down from nine)
Hybrid casters (rogues, paladins, rangers, blackguards) use two or three books
Classes no longer have different rates of gaining experience


Each base monster type has had its game niche reconsidered, and there has been a general push to use Tolkien-inspired monsters where appropriate. Some of the major changes include:

Ainur - most of these now align with one of the great Valar, and have corresponding powers
Dragons - these have mostly been made stronger and deeper
Humanoids - dark elves have been replaced with dwarves, gnomes with Drķedain
Hydras - each hydra type is like the previous type with a new head and attack added
People - the association of some of these with player classes has been expanded to include the new classes
Snakes - some of these are now dangerous
Spiders - more dangerous and deeper, with unique abilities
Trees/Ents - these are new, tough to kill enemies
Wights/Wraiths - wights are all now shallower than wraiths, and the Ringwraiths are much deeper

Game Mechanics

In the course of the class and monster changes, many new mechanics have been introduced, with some of the major ones being:

Player and monster shapechanges
Variable light and darkness are created by monsters, player gear and player spells, and the player has a meter to measure the light level on their square
Mages can drain mana from magic devices
Rogues can steal from monsters
Temporary brands and slays (Priests, Paladins, Blackguards)
Necromancers can see in the dark, and can cast less well in light
Healing of hitpoints every turn for a time (Druids)
Control of a monster, including making it attack other monsters (Necromancers)
Shield bashes (Warriors, Paladins, Blackguards)
Decoys which monsters will attack instead of the player (Rangers)
Blackguards can go into a state of bloodlust which improves their combat at a price
Monsters can whip or spit on the player from nearby
Monster groups act more as a group, with leaders and sometimes bodyguards
Innate spells (e.g. breaths) and cast spells (e.g. bolts) have separate frequencies
Deeper in the dungeon shallow monsters are less likely to appear
Monsters can teleport to the player
Spiders can weave webs
Monsters can have innate darkness around them
Traps added that trigger on leaving their square
Ringwraiths can inflict the Black Breath
Monster spells can have different levels depending on monster spell power
The player now has a hunger meter, and food is more important
As with classes, all races gain experience at the same rate, except for humans who are faster, and high-elves who are slower
The Temple has been replaced with a Bookseller who sells books of all realms

Code Improvements

There have also been some improvements to the codebase, both visible and invisible to the player. The main ones are:

Addition of an SDL2 front end
Change to mostly using a single grid rather than x and y coordinates in much of the code
More readability of datafiles
Some font improvements
Some new tiles
A new online (rather than in-game) help system
A new experimental (and so far unbalanced) birth option for percentage damage
An option to start a new game after dying instead of closing the game and re-opening
Many fixes to bugs and memory leaks

User manual here.

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