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File - Download Altap Salamander v4.0

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Altap Salamander v4.0

Altap Salamander is a fast and reliable two-panel file manager for Windows. It has an intuitive interface, offers viewers for all popular file formats as well as support for common archives, and has built-in FTP and SFTP clients.

Thanks to the merge Altap with Fine company now free of charge.

This is for 64bit Windows only.


Altap Salamander is designed to be as fast as possible: quick navigation among directories, fast directories reading, fast and smooth painting of panels.


Built-in viewers will instantly display content of most popular file formats. Text and binary files, bitmap images, or database files.


Work with your files even if they are stored in archives. All major formats as ZIP, RAR, 7-Zip, or ISO/UDF image are supported.


Most popular network protocols such as FTP, FTPS, SCP, or SFTP are supported.

Security and Privacy

Full control over your recent history lists, seamlessly integrated Password Manager, or option to protect your sensitive files with strong encryption algorithms.


Open architecture allows to extend Altap Salamander with custom plugins or automate common tasks using scripts written in any language supported by the Windows Script Host such as JScript or

Much much more

Altap Salamander has much more useful features built in, including File Comparator, Undelete plugin for deleted files recovery, or powerful Renamer plugin.

Basic Operations

Altap Salamander supports basic file manager operations such as Rename, View, Edit, Copy, Move, Delete, create file or directory, archive packing and extracting, or emailing files. Operations run on background from the start, there is option to process operations in queue, pause or resume operation.

Advanced Operations

Beyond basic operations, compare directories, change case of names, change attributes, date, and time, or convert files encoding or end of lines. Calculate physical space occupied by your files, show directory sizes in panel or show detailed drive information. Easily execute external command using User Menu or open the Command Shell window. Make list of selected files and directories or use list of previously opened files and directories.

Security and Privacy

Altap Salamander can be configured to clear browsing history or list of files you viewed or edited. Native Windows Encrypting File System (EFS) is supported, it is possible to encrypt or decrypt files, preserve Encrypted attributes, owners, and permissions while copying files and directories. With new Password Manager it is possible to keep your FTP and WinSCP bookmark passwords encrypted so no software on your computer can read it until you enter the Master Password. Password Manager is using 256-bit AES, leading security standard. With the Encrypt plugin it is possible encrypt selected files using 256-bit AES, 448-bit Blowfish, or 192-bit TripleDES. It also supports shredding of existing files using Gutmann or DOD 5220.22-M methods, or cleaning of the disk free space. FTPS and SFTP protocols are supported for safe files transfer over internet.

Features Integration

Enjoy tight and intuitive integration between viewers, editors, archivers, virtual file systems such as FTP. Transparently view file on FTP site or in ZIP archive the same way as if it sits on your local disk.

User Interface and Appearance

Clean and sleek user interface is friendly for users coming from Windows Explorer. Main window resizing or scrolling of panels is fast and flicker free. The Windows appearance settings is used by default, but can be changed in configuration. Potentially time-consuming operations, such as connection to network drives, are interruptible with the Escape key.


Thanks to the extensive keyboard navigation options you can navigate and perform all operations without mouse. It is possible to change font used in panels or completely change used colors, for example to high contrast. You can define own rules to color sets of file or directory names.

Easy Customization

Personalize your Altap Salamander so you see only buttons you use, setup operation confirmations according to your needs (for example it is possible to enable drag and drop confirmation), define own viewers, editors, archivers, or external commands. All configuration options are accessible from the configuration dialog box and documented in the help. Remove or add plugins you need for your work.

Windows Integration and Interoperability

If you are used to Windows file management, youíll feel right at home because Altap Salamander supports all key features: copy, paste, or cut files using clipboard commands, drag and drop files, or display context menu by right click.

Network Connectivity

Altap Salamander supports most popular network protocols such as FTP, FTPS (also known as FTP Secure and FTP-SSL), SCP, SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). Windows shares (SMB protocol) could be accessed mapped to local drives or using UNC paths (\\server\share). The disconnect dialog provides united way to disconnect from any network connection.

Corporate Use

For corporate users there are features such as configuration stored in Windows Registry, support for quiet unattended installation, or support for Group Policy restrictions such as NoDrives, NoRun, NoFind.

Developer Use

Altap Salamander started as project intended for our own software development usage. The powerful grep with regular expressions support integrated with the internal text viewer is great for searching in your source code. Support for icon overlay shell extensions is useful for users of Tortoise products (SVN, CVS, HG, etc.). They can see the file status from icon overlay. Use User Menu to perform SVN/CVS check-in or check-out commands. Use built-in Internet Explorer viewer for fast preview during web page development. Save your time with automatic detection of environment variables change, restart of Altap Salamander isn't needed.


Altap Salamander will feel snappier and more responsive due to fast directory loading, small memory footprint, highly optimized panel painting, or multithreaded architecture with background icons and thumbnails reading and painting.


Work with your files even if they are stored in archives. All major archives (ZIP, RAR, 7Zip, TAR, etc.) are supported. Browse your archives, extract files or pack new files into the archive. Viewing and edition of files inside the archive is supported. Add your own external or plugins archivers. Create highly customized self-extracting archives for easier files distribution.

File Viewers

Instantly display content of most popular file formats. Text and binary files, bitmap images, or database files. View, capture, crop, rotate or convert images with the PictView plugin. Inspect dBase or FoxPRO database structures with Database Viewer. Explore multimedia (MP3) tags with Multimedia Viewer. With Portable Executable Viewer it is possible to display structure of EXE and DLL files.


Find your files quickly within multiple Find windows running simultaneously. Use powerful regular expressions, date, time, attributes or content criteria. Search your disk for duplicate files. Store the search criteria for further use. View, Edit, Copy, Delete, or Drag and Drop found files. Refine found files with another search. Execute external commands using User Menu.


Easily navigate through your files and directories with mouse or keyboard shortcuts. Use the Back and Forward command to access recently visited directories with smart caching of the view position. Define your Hot Paths for quick access to most important directories. List of Working Directories and List of Opened Files is another way how to reach recently accessed files. Locate file or directory name with powerful Quick Search feature. Just type the first few letters to focus desired name.


Display image or document thumbnails instead of icons. Enlarge your thumbnails with Ctrl+MouseWheel. Thumbnails are displayed in two phases: first is quick preview, then more accurate calculated from full resolution image. Perform all operations as usual with thumbnails displayed.


With the Undelete plugin it is possible to recover deleted files and directories on your NTFS and FAT file systems. Recovering of NTFS compressed or encrypted files is supported. Works with physical disks (hard drives, flash drives) or with cloned disk images.

File Comparator

The File Comparator plugin can compare both text and binary files, displaying differences in easy to read format. For text files differences inside lines are displayed.


Quickly set up renaming rules and apply them to selected files or directories. Watch real-time preview as you adjust rename parameters. Use undo feature when something went wrong. Save settings for further use. Reorganize your files and directories using the Rename Full Path option. Use manual mode and edit your file names manually or with your favorite text editor.

Other Plugins

There are plenty of other plugins to choose from. Windows Mobile plugin allows you access mobile devices in your panel. You can split or combine your files with the Split & Combine plugin, verify files integrity with Checksum plugin using CRC, MD5, or SHA1 hashes. Copy or move keys in Registry using Windows Registry plugin. Display disk space utilization with new Diskmap plugin. Third party plugins are available on our forum.


Plugins are add-ons that extend functionality of Altap Salamander. Thanks to its open architecture Altap Salamander lets developers create plugins with look and feel of native features: viewers, archivers, virtual file systems (such as FTP or Registry Editor) or just simple commands available in the Plugins menu. Altap Salamander Plugin SDK is freely available at our website. Another option to extend Altap Salamander is scripting using Automation plugin.


With the Automation plugin you can automate common tasks using scripts written in any language supported by the Windows Script Host. Windows comes with JScript and VBScript engines preinstalled, however 3rd party scripting engines are available for languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and others. Salamander is providing set of useful methods for panel items enumeration, runtime created forms, or for work with file system paths.

Help and Support

Windows, commands, or shortcuts are described in Help (available on F1 key). Documentation can be also viewed online on our website. Official support forum is a place to put your questions, problems, or suggestions.

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