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File - Download uGiffer v0.9.10

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uGiffer v0.9.10

Formerly Giffer.

The program records contents of the screen within its light-green frame and
then produces an animated GIF from the capture.

It works by grabbing frames as quickly as possible, but not exceeding 100 FPS.
Higher FPS doesn't make sense, because the smallest per-frame delay in GIF is
1/100 of a second => 100 FPS max, at best.

For each frame it checks if it's different from the last saved frame. If it's,
then it saves it as .bmp in a work folder (see below) and notes duration of
the previous frame in index.txt file, also in the work folder.

Once the recording is stopped, it goes through index.txt and assembles saved
frames in a GIF and saves it in the work folder. It then deletes all .bmp
files and index.txt, and opens resulting .gif in default viewer (that would
usually be the web browser).

-- Controls --

F1 starts recording. Alternatively - double-click on the window title.
To stop recording and make a GIF, hit F1 again.
To cancel recording and discard the capture, hit Esc.

When idle, Esc minimizes the window.

F2 run a benchmark. The program just tries to grab frames as quickly as
possible without saving them. The purpose of this is to estimate the max
achievable FPS for the screen and frame size. In my case, it tops at 30
FPS on one monitor and at around 45 FPS on another.

-- Ini file --

A small handful of settings is stored between the runs in ugiffer.ini,
which by default is located in the program's launch folder. Location
of the .ini can be overridden as follows:

ugiffer.exe -c x:\path\to\ini\folder

This will cause the program to search for ugiffer.ini there.

-- Work folder --

The program defaults to placing its temporary files (of which there's
a plenty) into %Temp%\uGiffer folder. If %Temp% is undefined, it will
fall back to using C:\Temp\uGiffer.

This too can be overridden by setting "work_folder" entry in the ini
to some other directory. If you have a RAM or an NVMe drive, you may
want to put the work folder there.

-- Assorted --

1. When in recording mode, the window cannot be resized or minimized. It
can however be moved and this is properly supported. Except when it's
taken outside of the desktop area, in which case there be dragons.

2. GIFs are saved by the main UI thread, so for larger captures the window
may enter "Not responding" state. Just give it time. I will redo this part
properly as time permits.

3. GIF are assembled using rversteegen's fork [1] of ginsweater's gif-h
library [2]. Fantastic work on both counts.


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2,384 3,215 Alex Pankratov <img src=""border="0"> Apr 06, 2021 - 12:12 0.9.10 204.1KB ZIP 5/5, out of 33 Votes.
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uGiffer  v0.9.10  
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