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CompactGUI 2.6.2
CompactGUI is a standalone GUI to make using the Windows 10 compact.exe function easier to use. This allows games, programs and other folders to be compressed transparently (i.e they can still be used normally) with no performance loss.

This is similar to the NTFS-LZNT1 compression built-in to Windows (Right click > Properties > Compress to save space) however the newer algorithms that CompactGUI use were introduced in Windows 10 and are much more efficient, multi-threaded, and designed for use on executable programs resulting in greater compression ratios with almost no performance impact.Those with older HDDs may even see a decent performance gain in the form of reduced loading times as the smaller files means it takes less time to read programs and games into RAM.


Use this tool to:

Reduce the size of games (e.g. Nioh: 73.9GB > 65GB)
Reduce the size of programs (e.g. Adobe Photoshop: 1.71GB > 886MB)
Compress any other folder on your computer

Extra Features

Visual feedback on compression progress and statistics
Online integration with community-sourced database to get compression estimates and analyses
Integration into Windows Explorer context menus for easier use.
Drag-and-drop functionality
Analyze the status of existing folders
Shutdown/restart/sleep on completion.

Important Note: @NekuSoul has determined the error in Windows that causes incorrect file size readings which means that many games with high compression ratios are false results. I am working on a fix so that it's not misleading anymore, but just keep this in mind - a lot of results that seem too good to be true are probably too good to be true. You can still get really good savings on lots of games and programs, but not quite as high as the program (and Windows) would have you believe. For example, Nioh saves 7GB, not 45GB.


Windows 10 includes a little-known but very useful tool called Compact that allows one to compress folders and files on disk, decompressing them at runtime. With any modern CPU, this added load is hardly noticed, and the space savings are of most use on those with smaller SSDs.

As program folders and games can be shrunk by up to 60%, this has the added bonus of potentially reducing load times - especially on slower HDDs.

More information on the inbuilt Windows function can be found here and here or by typing compact /q into the commandline

This tool is intentionally designed to only compress folders and files. Whole drives and entire Windows installations cannot be modified from within CompactGUI - users seeking that functionality should use compact /compactOS from the commandline.

The compression is fully transparent - programs, games and files can still be accessed as normal, and show up in Explorer as they normally would ó they'll just be decompressed into RAM at runtime, staying compressed on disk.

By default, the program runs Compact with the XPRESS8K algorithm active. This provides a good balance between compression speed and size reduction. The default that Windows uses is XPRESS4K which is faster but compresses less. The options available are:

XPRESS4K: Fastest, but weakest
XPRESS8K: Reasonable balance between speed and compression
XPRESS16K: Slower, but stronger
LZX: Slowest, but strongest - note it has a higher overhead, so use it on programs/games only if your CPU is reasonably strong or the program/game is older.

Additional Notes

In my testing, using any of the XPRESS modes has no discernible impact on CPU performance when the compressed program is run (Using an i7-6700HQ). Here's the output tests for Adobe Photoshop:

However, if your processor is especially old, you may find that performance is worse when folders are compressed with 8K and 16K. Use 4K instead. Despite this, I've successfully tested it on an i3-370M from 2010, and it had no issues with performance on any of the compression modes.
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