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Batch Scripting Pack 1.0
Collection of Open Source programs written in Batch Scripting Language

Do you like to write scripts in Batch Scripting Language? If yes, then this project is dedicated to you. This pack contains source codes of utilities programmed in the Batch Programming Language which are now available for you so that you can improve and learn from them.

v1.0 | Open Source | Supports all Windows Versions

Batch Scripting Pack v1.0 contains the following programs:

RAR Cracker
This utility was coded by me to perform brute force attacks against the password protected RAR archives. The code is simple and easy to learn. This utility was never completed because of some limitations. This utility at this time can only crack numerical passwords. You can upgrade it to use a word list for finding right password.

Drive Fixer
Drive fixer was developed to check & fix file system errors. It uses Windows built in utility "CheckDisk" to perform this task. It can be used to learn how to use Windows utilities in your program.

Hiber Plus
Hiber Plus was a small utility developed to enable and disable hibernation feature of Windows. It has only a few lines of code and will teach you how to use the Windows Command Prompt commands in the program.

Holes Patcher
A security utility developed to make the installed Windows OS more secure. Modifies Windows settings like services and features in such a way that the OS becomes difficult to hack. Its not the most complete project but, it works. I hope you can improve it.

Processor Changer
Processor Changer was a small tool I wrote just for fun with my college buddies. It can change the processor name, etc by some registry modifications. It works perfectly on Windows XP but may not work on later versions. You just need to do some changing in the code to make it work with newer versions of Windows.

Taskman Fixer
Another incomplete project from my early days of Batch Programming. I wrote it to fix the Taskmanager is disabled error. It was never completed, but you can learn different techniques from it.

Ultimate Locker
Ultimate Locker is another utility developed to do some desktop locking. It will simply kill your explorer causing the desktop to disappear. To unlock you will have to restart your computer or just restart the explorer.

Win Info
Win Info is in my opinion the best utility which is available in this pack. This utility will get all the Information about your computer & then stores it in your system drive. It's easy to use & learn.

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Downloads Views Developer Last Update Version Size Type Rank
1,038 2,807 Malik Usman Aura <img src=""border="0"> Jan 14, 2018 - 12:09 1.0 35.1KB ZIP 5/5, out of 9 Votes.
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