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File - Download Task Till Dawn 2.1 for Mac

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Task Till Dawn 2.1 for Mac
So much stuff to do that you often would like to take a nap instead? Task Till Dawn to the rescue! Let it handle your recurring and tedious tasks, so you can focus on the real work. Back up important data while youíre away from your computer, automatically sort and archive documents youíve been working on, or simply remind yourself to take a break. With Task Till Dawn itís no big deal. Build tasks out of predefined actions using a visual workflow editor. Let them run manually, by setting up a schedule, or when various events occur. Sort your tasks into groups so you always easily find what youíre looking for. Of course you can export and import tasks and reuse them on another computer.

Languages supported are: English, German, French and Spanish.

Version 2.1 (13.11.2017)
[new] Task Till Dawn can now be run in portable mode.
[new] Notifications can be disabled per task.
[new] New action "Rename files and folders".
[new] New action "Display text input dialog".
[new] New action "Set desktop background image".
[new] New action "Retrieve operating system version".
[new] New action "Retrieve environment variable".
[new] New action "Retrieve drives".
[improved] Added an option to hide groups from the tray-menu (Windows) and menu-item (macOS).
[improved] Action "Quit an application": Application name can now be selected from a list of currently running applications.
[improved] Action "Quit an application": Added option to force quit an application.
[improved] Action "Specify files and folders": Duplicate entries can now be specified.
[improved] Action "Open applications, files and folders": On Windows, opening multiple instances of an application can now be disallowed.
[improved] The grace period for missed schedules can now be configured.
[improved] Imported tasks are now deactivated.
[improved] The sidebar can now be hidden.
[fixed] Action "Take screenshot": Device selection menu now shows the correct device index.
[fixed] Temporary files are purged more reliably.
[fixed] Some menus did not close correctly on macOS.
[fixed] The tray-menu (Windows), Dock-menu and menu-item (macOS) were sometimes not refreshed correctly.
[fixed] Double clicking an action was sometimes ignored.
[fixed] The size of the sidebar of the task list was sometimes not saved correctly.

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802 2,151 Oliver Matuschin <img src=" Till Dawn1_th.png"border="0"> Nov 21, 2017 - 12:06 2.1 68.83MB ZIP 5/5, out of 17 Votes.
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