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Dust Racing 2D 2.0.0
Dust Racing 2D (dustrac) is an open source, tile-based 2D racing game developed by Jussi Lind and contributors.

The first version of the game was published in 2012.

The purpose of the game is to race against 11 challenging computer players on different race tracks. Finishing in TOP-6 will unlock a new race track. Only a small portion of the race track is visible on the scrolling screen. There's also an option for a split-screen two player game, introduced in 0.12.0. Dust Racing 2D comes with a Qt-based level editor that makes creating new race tracks easy.

The source code of the game is licensed under GNU GPLv3. Dust Racing 2D is built on Qt development framework in C++ and it uses OpenGL for graphics. This means, that it is possible to port the game to multiple operating systems. Dust Racing 2D is currently available for Linux and Windows.

Dust Racing 2D was inspired by Super Cars and Slicks'n Slide and is under active development.

Version 2.0.0
New features:

Animated game menus
Always select difficulty and lap count after selecting "Play"
"Cool down" laps for AI to prevent the destruction derby
Bridge object as a mesh
Font changed to DejaVu
FPS setting menu
Fully destructible tracks to make races more unpredictable
New intro image
New particle effects
New randomized tree objects
Editor: Add CLI option to force language
Editor: Add option to force object stationary
Editor: Lock qhash random seed so that XML output is not randomized


Improved driving dynamics. It's now possible to do burnouts
Improved graphics and lighting
Improvements and additions to many tracks
Sound levels tuned

Bug fixes:

Fix GitHub issue #26: Undo resets tile rotations
Fix GitHub issue #24: Change the game font to DejaVu
Fix qmake build
Fix some particle life times
Fix some compiler warnings
Fix shader deletion issues reported by Valgrind
Fix clang build which attributes wrongly std=c++11 into C compiler flags
Fix build with GLEW and QOpenGLFunctions=OFF
Fix CMake dev build
Editor: Fix object add on target nodes and other objects
Editor: Fix the behavior of right-click
Editor: Fix undo erasing computer hints
Editor: Fix undo on target node resize and object rotation


Translation updates
Lots of code refactored

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