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BabelPad BabelPad is a free Unicode text editor for Windows that supports the proper rendering of most complex scripts, and allows you to assign different fonts to different scripts in order to facilitate multi-script text editing. It also provides many useful features and special utilities for processing Unicode text. BabelPad supports the most recent version of the Unicode Standard, currently Unicode 9.0 (released June 2016). Summary of Features These are some of the key features of BabelPad. For more information see the BabelPad Help pages (currently under construction). Open files in a wide variety of Unicode or legacy encodings; save files in any Unicode encoding (UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32) or Unicode-compatible encoding (GB18030), or as ASCII text with escaped Unicode characters. Able to open and edit very large (multi-megabyte) files. Standard edit functionality, including drag-and-drop editing, multiple undo/redo, find and replace, and casing functions (for all casing scripts in Unicode). Left-To-Right (LTR) or Right-To-Left (RTL) page layout; and support for bidirectional text. Render text with either a single font or a user-defined composite font (where you can define which font to use for each Unicode block). Render complex Unicode scripts using Microsoft's Uniscribe rendering engine or Universal Shaping Engine (for Windows 10). Option to render all Unicode characters as individual spacing glyphs (i.e. with no shaping or joining of complex text). Option to display text in different colours for different Unicode-defined scripts. Convert Unicode text to/from a variety of escape codes (including converting to/from Unicode character names). Convert between Unicode characters and code points by pressing Alt-X after a character or at the end of a code point. Apply ...
5/5 1,188 Mar 30, 2018
Andrew West <img src=""border="0">
BleachBit 2.0
BleachBit 2.0 BleachBit frees disk space and maintains privacy. Cleans cache, Internet history, temporary files, logs, cookies, Firefox, Google Chrome, Flash, Windows and more. Features simple: just check the boxes quick: clean all applications in one place secure: overwrite files to hide contents powerful: clean 1000+ applicationdq safe: options are clearly labeled to avoid surprises Changes These are the changes since version 1.12: Add drag-and-drop support (thanks to contractor Pavel). Try dropping files onto the main application window. Fix preservation of thumbnails on Google Chrome and Chromium . Fix error Favicons is version 36 or 38 when cleaning Google Chrome and Chromium. Clean site engagement history on Google Chrome and Chromium. Enable secure delete for SQLite. Fix DatabaseError: no such table: moz_favicons for some Firefox profiles. Use HTTPS encryption when automatically checking for software updates. The web site requires HTTPS encryption. Specific to Linux Add journald cleaner (thanks to tstenner). Add software categories to bleachbit.desktop (thanks to Hugo Lefeuvre). Add appdata.xml file for Linux app stores (thanks to Mailaender). Call apt-get command for apt clean to respect the dpkg lock (reported by Danilo Piazzalunga). Whitelist Bluetooth daemon (reported by Timo Ollech). Fix error when cleaning APT autoremove (reported by vladislavyuzbekov). Fix purging of GTK recently used resources list. ...
5/5 689 Feb 28, 2018
Andrew Ziem <img src=""border="0">
Geneshift 0.995
Geneshift 0.995 Geneshift is a top-down shooter that merges fast-paced action with RPG and RTS gameplay. You play as a mutant with crazy skills, speedy vehicles, strategic base building and more! Save the world from a zombie outbreak in the campaign. Play solo or with friends online as you slaughter zombies, discover unlocks, earn cash and stealth kill the Rebels. You can compete in leaderboards too! Shoot out tires, detonate car bombs, do drive-by shootings and run players over with a variety of vehicles. You can also place invisible chemicals in the map; building a secret base that gives you many strategic advantages. Bounce bullets off your Force Fields, stalk enemies with Invisibility, or land that perfect Plasma Ball. Level up your mutant with over 30 unique and crazy skills. The skills you unlock are permanently saved to your account too! Survive swarms of zombies, race vehicles around the map, claim territory or simply capture the flag. All game modes can be played casually or in competitive servers, where an ELO rating system keeps things balanced.
5/5 1,552 Nov 17, 2016
Ben Andrew Johnson <img src=""border="0">
Lullaby for an Electric Toaster
Lullaby for an Electric Toaster Guide a flaming-toast-launching electric toaster across a dark and surrealistic kitchen dreamscape in this 3D horror/action game. Best played in a dark room with headphones or surround sound speakers. This game was made in 1 week for #LetsCookJam. More info on the game jam:! Controls: Run: WASD keys or Arrow Keys Jump: Spacebar Launch Flaming Toast: Left Mouse Button (damages enemies) Pause: P Quit: Esc Tips: Explore/Navigate your way to the next level. The green arrows might lead the way, though not necessarily the right way. Launch your flaming toast to use as flares and as flaming traps to damage the creatures in the darkness. You will die many times, but there are unlimited lives. You respawn at the beginning of each level. You regenerate slowly over time, but so do the monsters. Credits: Design, Programming, Art, Modeling: Andrew Wang (@andyman404) Tools: Unity 5, Blender, Substance Painter, Gimp, Audacity
5/5 1,526 Aug 02, 2016
andyman404 <img src=" Toaster124291_th.png"border="0">
OBLIGE Level Maker 7.70
OBLIGE Level Maker 7.70 OBLIGE is a random level generator for classic DOOM games. The goal is to produce high quality levels which are fun to play. CHANGES IN 7.70 + Heretic support! - Makefile.macos file, courtesy Doctor Nick - fixed error when Steepness setting is "NONE" - fixed blocked paths when using the "Alternate Starts" setting
5/5 635 Dec 21, 2017
Andrew Apted <img src=""border="0">
Partition Logic 0.72
Partition Logic 0.72 Partition Logic is a free hard disk partitioning and data management tool. It can create, delete, erase, format, defragment, resize, copy, and move partitions and modify their attributes. It can copy entire hard disks from one to another. Partition Logic is free software, available under the terms of the GNU General Public License. It is based on the Visopsys operating system. It boots from a CD or floppy disk and runs as a standalone system, independent of your regular operating system. Partition Logic is intended to become a free alternative to such commercial programs as Partition Magic, Drive Image, and Norton Ghost. Partition logic has the following limitations: Does not work with some SATA hard disks No hardware support for non-USB SCSI hard disks No support for Sun or BSD disk labels. Cannot format partitions as NTFS or EXT3. Cannot resize FAT or EXT filesystems. No hardware support for serial mice No hardware support for PCMCIA
0/5 3,951 Dec 27, 2013
J. Andrew McLaughlin
Speed Dreams 2.1
Speed Dreams 2.1 Speed Dreams is a fork of the open racing car simulator Torcs, aiming to implement exciting new features, cars, tracks and AI opponents to make a more enjoyable game for the player, as well as constantly improving visual and physics realism. The current official release features : visually reworked menus by Brian Gavin, Eckhard M. Jäger, Andrew Sumner and Jean-Philippe Meuret, 3 amazing fine tuned and balanced new car sets by Andrew Sumner and Haruna Say: Super Cars, 36 GP and LS-GT1, an updated TRB1 car set (well balanced, more realistic behaviour), 3 exciting new tracks and many visually improved ones, smashing liveries for all these cars, by Eckhard M. Jaeger and Haruna Say, 2 new TRB first-class robot for the Supercars, 36 GP and TRB1 car sets : USR by Andrew Sumner and Simplix by Wolf-Dieter Beelitz (at last real AI opponents !), animated driver by Andrew Sumner on 36GP cars, 3D wheels for all cars by Eric Espie, 2 new leader-board modes by Gabor Kmetyko, smoke on spinning tires by Andrew Sumner, brand new gauges by Eckhard M. Jaeger, and many many other small visual improvements, experimental Simu V3 physics engine by Christos Dimitrakakis, many menu improvements (support for grid shifting, optimized track select load time, category filter when selecting driver, more infos in results and standings boards), and much more ...
5/5 383 Jan 11, 2018
Speed Dreams Dev Team <img src=""border="0">
Steam Cleaner 2.3
Steam Cleaner 2.3 Steam Cleaner is a tool that will remove large amounts of data left behind by Steam, Origin, Uplay and GoG. This tool can clear up gigabytes of data in a few seconds. There is no configuration needed, simply run it and it will detect all your installed games and then some. Changelog: Steam Cleaner 2.3 Important files being deleted Fixed game files for Penumbra: Overture being removed Fixed crash on startup for sym links
5/5 565 Jul 07, 2017
Andrew Sampson <img src=""border="0">
Super Mario Bros NES Game and Builder
Super Mario Bros NES Game and Builder This is a faithful simulation of the original Super Mario Bros. game on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Users can build their own games with all the classic capabilities, and without the limits imposed by the NES hardware. There is little to no learning curve to master building custom levels! The game comes packaged with an editable copy of the original game, rebuilt for this program. Some of the game's features include the following: Virtually limitless numbers of levels/warps/enemies/blocks/pipes/etc. Intuitive warping framework to seamlessly switch between scenes. Custom level names, time limit options, pipe colors, etc. Password protected games, to share unchangeable designs with other players. Bowser battles, flagpoles, Lakitu, flying fish, auto-scrolling cameras, and other custom level features. Builder tools likes tracing warps, editing sprite properties, changing game physics, inserting enemies in real-time, and much more. Cheats such as God mode, Lost Level's textures, and unlimited fireballs (compared to just the 2 on screen at a time like we're used to). Stable save/load, edit/undo, add/remove/copy/shift levels, and more.
5/5 1,694 Mar 01, 2016
Andrew Kellogg <img src=" Mario Bros NES Game & Builder45761_th.png"border="0">
Ulterius 1.9.2
Ulterius 1.9.2 Easy Remote Management. Complete control of your desktop — from your browser. Always Accessible Need to grab a document from home, or want to share photos from your phone? Download and upload files with the simple, but powerful, file browser. Monitor Everything Access all the information your computer dispenses. From thermal output to webcams, Ulterius allows you to monitor everything about your machine in real-time. Pain-free Remote Desktop Finally, a Remote Desktop solution that is simple to setup and use. Simply connect to the client in your browser and log in like you normally would. No more fussing about with external programs and special passwords. Task Manager, Command Prompt, PowerShell, and More Manage programs and run scripts from the comfort of your browser. Kill an unresponsive process or start a new one from your laptop, tablet, phone — anywhere!
5/5 462 Jul 07, 2017
Andrew Sampson <img src=""border="0">
Yet Another APRS Client
Yet Another APRS Client YAAC is a (mostly) platform-independent Java application written by Andrew Pavlin, KA2DDO, for monitoring and contributing to the Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) network (invented and trademarked by Bob Bruninga, WB4APR). YAAC is Free Software; it is an Open-Source program, licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, and complete source code is provided. Feel free to create improvements and extensions to YAAC. YAAC can be used as a stand-alone APRS client, an APRS RF-Internet gateway (I-Gate), or as a AX.25 digipeater. It supports 16 different data reporting views as delivered, and can be extended with user-written "plugins" to add more functionality. YAAC's map rendering does not depend on Internet connectivity, so it can be used wherever a portable computer and radio/TNC can be located. Features connects to the APRS network over RF and Internet links displays geographically mapped station and object locations over OpenStreetMap and terrain elevation maps communicates with standard TNC's from several vendors can function as a fixed or mobile station, an I-Gate, and/or a digipeater communicates with standard GPS receivers and popular weather stations can fully function for emergency operations while disconnected from the Internet also transmits and receives the next-generation OpenTRAC protocol Program Support Here
5/5 449 Nov 09, 2016
Andrew Pavlin <img src=""border="0">
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