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BleachBit 1.12
BleachBit frees disk space and maintains privacy. Cleans cache, Internet history, temporary files, logs, cookies, Firefox, Google Chrome, Flash, Windows and more.


simple: just check the boxes
quick: clean all applications in one place
secure: overwrite files to hide contents
powerful: clean 1000+ applicationdq
safe: options are clearly labeled to avoid surprises


These are the changes since version 1.10:

Fix error Favicons is version 32 with Google Chrome 51 (reported by Holger)
Fix cleaning of Thumbnails in new Chromium and Google Chrome (reported by ineuw, patrick)
Fix crash with corrupt BleachBit.ini (reported by BitBleacher)
Fix error UNIQUE constraint failed error cleaning Firefox (reported by danjackson1 and gravy45)
Specific to Linux
Update EasyTAG cleaner (thanks to devmapper0)
Update Epiphany cleaner (thanks to devmapper0)
Update Evolution cleaner (thanks to skquinn)
Update GNOME cleaner (thanks to devmapper0)
Update KDE cleaner for KDE 4 on openSUSE (thanks to Mailaender)
Update Rhythmbox cleaner (thanks to devmapper0)
Update Thumbnails cleaner (thanks to devmapper0)
Update Transmission cleaner (thanks to devmapper0)
Update X11 cleaner (thanks to devmapper0)
Switch from GnomeVFS, which is deprecated, to GIO (reported by MM)
Do not repeat Google Chrome cache in preview (reported by Daniel Che)
Fix retention of translations for Chinese
Whitelist iBus Pinyin (reported by Josiah Hunter)
Add .deb package for Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus)
Add .rpm package for Fedora 24.
Specific to Windows
Fix cleaning of files with dollar sign ($) in name
Support ExcludeKey filter in Winapp2.ini (reported by 212eta)
Fix support for the pattern *.extension with FileKey in Winapp2.ini (reported by 212eta)
Downgrade exception notice for getting special folders (reported by timvandermeij)
Make regex filter in CleanerML case insensitive on Windows
Fix error [Errno 2] No such file or directory when cleaning Windows Explorer - Thumbnails more than once in a row
Cleaning Windows Explorer - Thumbnails will now temporarily close and restart Windows Explorer to thoroughly clean it. When you check this option, you will be warned.

Fix the harmless error Error in execution of Command to delete C:\Windows\temp\_avast_\AvastLock.txt with Avast antivirus
Update SQLite.dll to 3.11.1 (suggested by brahmastra2016).
Update NSIS to 2.51, which hardens the installer against DLL hijacking
Resolved false positive Packer.Generic!c with AegisLab antivirus
Submit BleachBit for whitelisting with ESET antivirus to address slowness when running with ESET (reported by captaincackle)

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