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OBLIGE Level Maker 7.666
OBLIGE is a random level generator for classic DOOM games. The goal is to produce high quality levels which are fun to play.


+ UI: big revamp, two scrolling columns of modules
- UI: main window can be vertically resized
- UI: default save filename is the generated title name
- UI: remember the previous folder when saving

- UI: option to use mousewheel to change settings
- UI: option to disable the overwrite-file warning
- UI: the "Use" button in config manager now sets the seed too
- UI: "@@" on the command line will forget current module

+ the "Weapons" button now controls how early or late new
weapons are introduced into the wad

+ new "Park" rooms, naturalistic outdoor areas

+ hallways

+ more variety of window prefabs

+ ensure a secret exit can always be placed
- fixed bug swapping normal-exit and secret-exit switches
- support secret weapons (available earlier than usual)

+ add barrels, blood and corpses to rooms
- fixed large teleport-in monsters getting stuck
- support for the Quake3 map format in the CSG code
- sky generator makes better looking mountains

- new "Ramp Up" and "Bosses" buttons for monster panel
- new themes: "Bit Mixed", "Original-ish", "Episode-ish"
- new health/ammo settings: "Bit Less" and "Bit More"

! removed Skulltag engine and modules
! removed most other engines, since they did nothing at all
! removed "Mode" button in UI, since it did very little
! removed the non-standard player things (4001..4004)

- got triple-key doors working again
- got remote-activated doors working again
- got lowering-bar fences working again

- added exit signs to doors leading to exit room
- renamed "Start Together" setting to "Alt-start Rooms"

- improved title generator, removed pre-made backgrounds
- support TGA format title pics when engine is GZDOOM

- better scenic areas outside the map
- raise outdoor fences when near an item pedestal (etc)
- smooth corners where two fences meet

- proper action system for remotely activated doors (etc)
- introduced variation in how much symmetry to use
- unused leaf rooms become "storage" for some minor items
- lower tendency of creating long/thin rooms

- various polishing of the shape rules
- DOOM CSG: reworked how railing textures are handled
- abbreviated config in OBLIGDAT lump and config manager
- fixed issue with garbage characters in the Log Viewer

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