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AnyBurn (PORTABLE) v6.2
AnyBurn (PORTABLE) v6.2 A light weight but professional CD / DVD / Blu-ray burning software that everyone must have. It provides a free and complete solution for burning and disc imaging. It is completely free for both home and business use. Features: • Burn image files • Append data to disc (create multisession disc) • On the fly burning • Burn Audio CD from mp3, m4a, flac, ogg, ape, wma, wav file • Copy disc to image files • Copy disc to another disc • Rip Audio CD to mp3, flac, ogg, ape, wav, wma files • Convert image files format • Create or edit image files • Browse or extract image files • Test disc surface • View drive and disc information • Create bootable USB drive System requirement: • Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 / Windows 11 operating system or above. • Intel Pentium 166MHz or above. • 64MB memory. • At least 10MB hard disk space. • A CD, DVD or Blu-ray drive. Changes: v6.2 (July 15, 2024) +) Can open qcow and qcow2 virtual disk image files. +) Can open parallels virtual disk image files. *) Some minor bug fixes and enhancements Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 10,704 Jul 17, 2024
Power Software Ltd.
Jarte Plus v6.2
Jarte Plus v6.2 Jarte Plus is: • A free word processor based on the Microsoft WordPad word processing engine built into Windows. • A fast starting, easy to use word processor that expands well beyond the WordPad feature set. • A small, portable, touch enabled word processor whose documents are fully compatible with Word and WordPad. Does Your Word Processor Handle Like an Ocean Liner? When word processors replaced typewriters they helped free the creative expressions innate in all of us. But somewhere along the way word processors evolved into enormous machines designed primarily to serve the needs of the corporate world. Office word processors have become huge, cumbersome vessels of software that remind us of ocean liners. The seeming goal of both is to become as large as possible by including every imaginable feature, whether anyone actually needs all those features or not. That's fine for an ocean liner since you are there to relax and marvel at its grandness. However, it is not so fine when the size and complexity of your word processor makes it as cumbersome to operate as an ocean liner in a yacht race. It does not have to be like that. Jarte is a WordPad based, FREE word processor whose unique interface will make you feel like you are piloting a swift, nimble yacht by comparison. Although Jarte doesn't look anything like the office word processor you are used to, it can handle your word processing tasks with aplomb. If this sounds like the kind of word processor you are looking for then maybe you owe it to yourself to give Jarte a try. Writing Should Be a Pleasurable Experience The problem with word processors designed for the corporate world is they tend to sap the joy out of writing. Office word processors have so many features it ...
5/5 3,756 Nov 09, 2023
Carolina Road Software
PureText v6.2
PureText v6.2 A tiny tray utility that removes all text formatting from your clipboard and optionally pastes the resulting pure text to the active window with a single hotkey. After running PureText, you will see a "PT" icon appear near the clock on your task bar. You can click on this icon to remove formatting from the text that is currently on the clipboard. You can right-click on the icon to display a menu with more options. The easiest way to use PureText is to simply use its Hotkey to paste text instead of using the standard CTRL+V Hotkey that is built into most Windows applications. To configure PureText, right-click on its tray icon and choose "Options" from the pop-up menu. The default Hotkey is WINDOWS+V, but this can be changed. In this Options window, you can also configure PureText to run each time you start Windows. What PureText Will and Will Not Do PureText only removes rich formatting from text. This includes the font face, font style (bold, italics, etc.), font color, paragraph styles (left/right/center aligned), margins, character spacing, bullets, subscript, superscript, tables, charts, pictures, embedded objects, etc. However, it does not modify the actual text. It will not remove or fix new-lines, carriage returns, tabs, or other white-space. It will not fix word-wrap or clean up your paragraphs. If you copy the source code of a web page to the clipboard, it is not going to remove all the HTML tags. If you copy text from an actual web page (not the source of the page), it will remove the formatting. PureText is equivalent to opening Notepad, doing a PASTE, followed by a SELECT-ALL, and then a COPY. The benefit of PureText is performing all these actions with a single Hotkey and having the ...
5/5 2,117 Nov 15, 2021
Steve P. Miller
WinToHDD v6.2
WinToHDD v6.2 Install, reinstall, clone Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista without CD/DVD/USB Drive. (Note: This free version only supports Home Editions of Windows) WinToHDD is a handy and useful software which allows you to install or reinstall Windows (Vista or later) without using a CD/DVD/USB drive. With this All-in-One Microsoft Windows deployment tool, you can easily reinstall Windows, install Windows onto disks other than the one where your Windows is installed, or clone existing Windows installation to other disk. Furthermore, you can use it to create a Windows installation USB containing all your Windows installation ISO files, then you can install Windows (Vista or later) from the same USB drive on both BIOS and UEFI computers. Features • Reinstall Windows or install Windows onto a second hard drive directly from ISO, WIM, ESD without using CD/DVD/USB. • Clone Windows to another disk without reinstalling Windows, apps. • Install any version of Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista (64 & 32 bits) from same USB drive on both BIOS and UEFI computers.Improved • Fully compatible with GPT and UEFI. System requirements Supported operating systems Windows Vista or later (32/64-bit) CPU Intelฎ Pentiumฎ processor 1GHz (32 bits or 64 bits) or above RAM 1 GB (2 GB Recommended) Disk Space 1024 MB and above free space User Guide Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 6,820 Dec 13, 2023
EasyUEFI Development Team
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