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Last Update/Developer
CustomFolder v3.4
CustomFolder v3.4 CustomFolder allows you to customize folders with icons and emblems. Features • Create icons with emblems • 5 predetermined icons to color, 3 of them can be rotated • Up to 9 emblems per icon • Possibility to rotate the icons • Add unlimited personal icons • Folder Panel to apply your own design to all your folders • Drag one or a group of folders to the panel • More than 60 emblems included (legal) • Floating emblem • You can add unlimited emblems to your own collection • You can drag and drop a folder to work with it • You can drag and drop a JPG image to use as the icon's wallpaper • Customizable, you can select the background color of the icon preview and the window΄s color • You can choose from 16.7 million colors for your icon • Customizable, 7 skins to customize CustomFolder - You can select a primary or secondary color • Music icon • 5 color palettes • 30 Slots to store custom colors • Color wheel to select a color • Portable Mode • Gallery • Clone the icon from another folder • Synchronized folders • CustomFolder installer and portable version • Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Dutch (installer in English) Read User Guide. Changes Version 3.4 - GUI improvements. Supported operating systems: Windows 10 64 bits version 1909 or above Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 2,685 Jul 03, 2024
GDZ Software
Mem Reduct v3.4
Mem Reduct v3.4 A lightweight real-time memory management application to monitor and clean system memory on your computer. The program used undocumented internal system features (Native API) to clear system cache (system working set, working set, standby page lists, modified page lists) with variable result ~10-50%. Application it is compatible with Windows XP SP3 and higher operating systems, but some general features available only since Windows Vista. Note: After unzipping, right-click the appropriate executable file for your version of Windows and choose "Run as Administrator". Portable mode To activate portable mode, create memreduct.ini in application folder, or move it from %APPDATA%\Henry++\Mem Reduct. GPG Signature Binaries have GPG signature memreduct.exe.sig in application folder. Public key: pubkey.asc ( Key ID: 0x5635B5FD Fingerprint: D985 2361 1524 AB29 BE73 30AC 2881 20A7 5635 B5FD Languages Put memreduct.lng file into application directory and restart the program. Download language Read instruction to create your own localization Changes: v3.4 (25 January 2022) security code improvements improved windows 10 support added arm64 binaries (portable only) added option to opt-out cleanup standby list restriction (issue #92) added dropdown menu for button to clean specified memory region added log cleanup results into a file feature (issue #76) added option to disable tray balloon sound added command line support (issue #82) added single-click tray icon option added per-monitor dpi support changed default ranges for up-down controls (issue #107) fixed wrong unit in notification (issue #112) fixed update installation in some cases fixed winxp font selection updated translations updated ...
5/5 5,355 Apr 10, 2024
MultiPack Visual C++ Installer v3.4
MultiPack Visual C++ Installer v3.4 “MPVCI” – A simple GUI packaged installer for all the latest MS Visual C++ redistributes. November 2023 Edition (Win7+ supported. Uninstall support for Win10+) Installer bundle includes all the newest VC++ 2005 – 2022 Packages: • Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 (x86 only) 8.0.61001 • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 (x86/x64) 9.0.30729.6161 • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 (x86/x64) 10.0.40219.473 • Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 (x86/x64) 11.0.61030.0 • Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 (x86/x64) 12.0.40664.0 • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 (x86/x64) *14.38.33130.0 . MD5: 815025c9081f356cb077116b99896fae Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 6,237 Nov 30, 2023
Spybot Identity Monitor v3.4
Spybot Identity Monitor v3.4 You’ve got the right to know! You’ve probably registered on dozens of websites (or more) over the years, giving them your email address, personal data like birth dates and street addresses, and passwords. Spybot Identity Monitor gives you a tool that allows you to check if your information already is in the hand of hackers. It’s your data – you deserve to know! What to do if…? If Spybot Identity Monitor tells you that a service has leaked your data, you should: Change your password at that service at once. Change your password on all other services where you might have used the same password. Start using a password manager to make sure all those passwords are stored safely. Start using Two Factor Authentication where possible. Spybot Identity Monitor Main View Once started, the program immediately shows an overview of known sources and breaches for the accounts set up. Spybot Identity Monitor Account Details By viewing account details you can get an overview where the account - in this example it's a dummy email address - was leaked. Spybot Identity Monitor Breach Details You can view all details of a breach of your data. In this example you'll see that for, even phone numbers and employers were leaked. Tutorial Watch how Rob from Team Spybot explains how Spybot Identity Monitor is used! Supports: Windows 7 to 10 Changes: Version 3.4 November 4th, 2019 Spybot Identity Monitor 3.4 is a mandatory update that fixes a breaking change in Have I Been Pawned support and adds our own data sources for even more! Fixed Have I Been Pwned support. Added own additional sources. Contacts only Safer-Networking servers now (additional privacy). Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 4,724 Jan 07, 2021
Safer-Networking Ltd.
Veusz v3.4
Veusz v3.4 A free scientific plotting package. Veusz is a scientific plotting and graphing program with a graphical user interface, designed to produce publication-ready 2D and 3D plots. In addition it can be used as a module in Python for plotting. Veusz is multiplatform, running on Windows, Linux/Unix and macOS. It supports vector and bitmap output, including PDF, Postscript, SVG and EMF. Veusz is Free Software. With the help of a tutorial the program can be used by the novice user and is flexible for advanced work. In Veusz plots are created by building up plotting widgets with a consistent object-based interface, where the user sets the properties of the widgets. There are many options for customization of plots. See features, 2D examples and 3D examples to see what can be done with the program. It allows data to be imported from text, CSV, HDF5 and FITS files. Datasets can also be entered within the program and new datasets can be created via the manipulation of existing datasets using mathematical expressions and more. The program can also be extended, by adding plugins supporting importing new data formats, different types of data manipulation or for automating tasks. Veusz Features 2D plotting features: X-Y plots (with errorbars, colours and sizes) Line and function plots Contour plots Images (with colour mappings and colorbars) Stepped plots (for histograms) Bar graphs Vector field plots Box plots Polar plots ...
5/5 2,071 Dec 08, 2021
Jeremy Sanders
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