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RCFV v2.2.2351.4784
RCFV v2.2.2351.4784 RCFV, the Really Cool Filter Viewer, is a program designed primarily for computer professionals and power users. It is built around the use of regular expressions. Although it can be used, to a certain extent, without a knowledge of regular expressions, that lack of knowledge would greatly limit its usability and probably frustrate the user. Consequently, if you don’t understand at least the basics of regular expressions and are unwilling to learn them then this software is not for you. RCFV combines file and url access with regular expression filtering providing a combination of tools not easily found elsewhere. It has a myriad of uses from surfing the web to viewing selected segments of source code. To fully utilize it will take some learning just like any other complicated piece of software. To facilitate this there is an extensive help file accessible from within the program as well as a number of useful and somewhat detailed tutorials available on this website. You can access all of the tutorials below. We recommend that you review the tutorials to fully understand the capabilities and to learn how to use the program optimally. RCFV runs only on Microsoft Windows operating systems. It has been tested on Windows 7-11 and may work partially on Windows Vista and XP but is not supported on the latter two platforms. RCFV Capabilities This is a non-exhaustive list of some of the more salient features of the program Windows files: Read muliple files in a batch using a regular expression or wildcards – using a regular expression allows a MUCH greater degree of control over which files are selected for viewing than using Windows wildcards – multiple “small” files, < 1MB, may be combined into a single file Very large files may be viewed without a large usage ...
5/5 2,090 Jul 19, 2023
Takamomto, LLC
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