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HastyScribe v1.12.1
HastyScribe v1.12.1 HastyScribe is a simple command-line program able to convert markdown files into HTML files. Usage hastyscribe filename-or-glob-expression [ <options> ] Where: filename-or-glob-expression is a valid file or glob expression that will be compiled into HTML. The following options are supported: --field/<field>=<value> causes HastyScribe to set a custom field to a specific value. --notoc causes HastyScribe to output HTML documents without automatically generating a Table of Contents at the start. --user-css=<file> causes HastyScribe to insert the contents of the specified local file as a CSS stylesheet. --user-js=<file> causes HastyScribe to insert the contents of the specified local file as a Javascript script. --output-file=<file> causes HastyScribe to write output to a local file (Use --output-file=- to output to standard output). --watermark=<file> causes HastyScribe to embed and display an image as a watermark throughout the document. --fragment causes HastyScribe to output just an HTML fragment instead of a full document, without embedding any image, font or stylesheet. --dump=all|styles|fonts causes HastyScribe to dump all resources/stylesheets/fonts to the current directory. FAQs Why is HastyScribe different from other markdown converters? Because: It is a cross-platform, self-contained executable file. It can generate standalone HTML files. It comes with its own stylesheet, which is automatically embedded into every HTML document, along with all the needed web fonts. It is built on top of Discount, which means that besides standard markdown you also get: ...
5/5 893 Oct 07, 2020
Fabio Cevasco
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