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Last Update/Developer
FaceCam Cover v1.0.4
FaceCam Cover v1.0.4 Hate distracting FaceCams on Videos? Annoyed at having something bouncing in the corner while you are trying to watch something else? Well now you can do something about it! Just run 'FaceCamCover_Beta1.exe' and apply directly to FaceCams by clicking and dragging the cover with your mouse. It's that easy! FaceCam Cover not fitting the FaceCam you want to cover up? No problem! Just click and drag the edges to easily resize the cover to meet your needs. Wish FaceCam Cover came in different colors? Well it does! Right click on FaceCam cover or its tray icon and click on "Create INI" to make the Options.ini file next to the 'FaceCamCover_Beta1.exe'. This INI file lets your change the color of the FaceCam Cover, and even lets you add a clock so you can easily see what time it is with the press of the CTRL button. And remember, FaceCam cover not only covers up Facecams, but anything on your screen that you need a cover over. The possibilities are endless! Change log: Release: V1.0.4 - 11/17/2018 Fixed the URL hover for the Pascal Colors link. ... *Derp* >.> Fixed FaceCam Cover not saving on PC shutdown. So now it triggers twice, but will only write to disk once if there are size&position changes detected. Note: This was not my fault, imo, it's a bug in either Lazarus or the FPC. (OnCloseQuery doesn't trigger correctly when my WinXP machine shuts down.) Made it so if the 'FaceCamCover_Options.ini' exist, 'Create INI' will be 'Reload INI' instead, which loads the INI file the same way as running FaceCamCover.exe. So the following settings can be changed without restarting FaceCam Cover: ShowClock Clock_Font_Color Main_Form_Color Secondary_Form_Color Save_Size_and_Position* Load_Size_and_Position Top Left Height Width (*If Enabled with '1', when clicking 'Reload INI' this will LOAD the Saved Top, Left, Height, and Width in the INI, not Save them. If Disabled with '0' it will do nothing.) Due to how the 'ALT-ESC' hook is implemented in the ...
5/5 3,105 Jul 02, 2020
Mini Inventory Control System v1.0.4
Mini Inventory Control System v1.0.4 A simple inventory control software where you can manage incoming products, outgoing products and the current quantity in your inventory. You must have Microsoft Office 2010 or newer installed on your computer to use this. You can manage your inventory and donít need internet connection or SQL Server (Just Office installed on your PC). You can manage incoming products, outgoing products and the current quantity in your inventory. Also, you can record the location of the product, the price of every item and who put it into the system. If you need it, you can generate barcodes or QR codes to your product or packages. Requirements: You must have Microsoft Office 2010 or newer installed on your computer Windows 7 64bit or newer (OPTIONAL) Install .NET 6.0 Runtime for desktop apps (OPTIONAL) Install Microsoft Access Database Engine Changes: v1.0.4 Improve performance (no more lag when you move the inventory window fast) Change name of certain folders New buttons style Improve Spanish translations Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 195 Jun 16, 2022
Piggy Banks v1.0.4
Piggy Banks v1.0.4 Piggy Banks makes it easy for you to keep track of Ďfundí accounts where a little money is put away each day. For example, your family might decide that every day $1 will be put aside to help pay for a new board game. Piggy Banks will make it easy to see how much money is saved up in the board game fund at any time. Features: Track as many funds as you would like. Real-time updating of funds and projected completion dates. Export to CSV option. Medal icon turns from silver to gold when your fund completes. Wooo. =] v1.0.4 - 2010-03-21 * Moved the help contents to a text file. (Thanks, Deozaan) ! Fixed typo in this very file. Gasp! (Thanks, Deozaan ;)
5/5 3,533 Nov 14, 2019
Jody Holmes
StopSnooze v1.0.4
StopSnooze v1.0.4 Console app that stops Windows from sleeping. The program has several features which are implemented with switches. See usage screenshot below. Requirements 64-bit Windows with .NET 6.0 support. License StopSnooze is GPLv3. This download is for the Windows 64bit version. If you need the Windows arm64bit version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 263 May 29, 2022
S T Chan
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