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Last Update/Developer
Emsisoft Decryptor for Paradise v1.0.0.1
Emsisoft Decryptor for Paradise v1.0.0.1 The Paradise ransomware encrypts victims using Salsa20 and RSA-1024, and appends one of several extensions such as ".paradise", "2ksys19", ".p3rf0rm4", ".FC", ".CORP", and ".STUB" An example ransom note "---==%$$$OPEN_ME_UP$$$==---.txt" can be found below. WHAT HAPPENED! Your important files produced on this computer have been encrypted due a security problem. If you want to restore then write to the online chat. Contact! Online chat: Your operator: Support Your personal ID: [redacted] Enter your ID and e-mail in the chat that you would immediately answered. Attention! Do not rename encrypted files. Do not try to decrypt your data using third party software, it may cause permanent data loss. Do not attempt to use the antivirus or uninstall the program. This will lead to your data loss and unrecoverable. Decoders of other users is not suitable to decrypt your files - encryption key is unique. How to use the Emsisoft Decryptorfor Paradise MPORTANT! Be sure to quarantine the malware from your system first, or it may repeatedly lock your system or encrypt files. If your current antivirus solution fails to detect the malware, it can be quarantined using the free trial version of Emsisoft Anti-Malware. If your system was compromised through the Windows Remote Desktop feature, we also recommend changing all passwords of all users that are allowed to login remotely and check the local user accounts for additional accounts the attacker might have added. How to decrypt your files 1. Download the decryptor from the same site that provided this “How To” document. 2. Run the decryptor as an administrator. The license terms will show up next, which you have to agree to by clicking the “Yes” button: 3. After accepting the terms, select your file pair using the “Browse” buttons. Then, click the “Start” button. 4. The decryptor will display the reconstructed encryption details once the recovery process has finished. The display is purely informational ...
5/5 1,950 Jan 21, 2020
Stranded II v1.0.0.1
Stranded II v1.0.0.1 In Stranded II you face up with the struggle for survival again. However this time there is much more to discover and to explore compared to the prequel. The whole island world is now better designed and has more details. It's possible to tame or poison animals or to burn trees for example. One of the best improvements is simply the huge number of new possibilities and objects. Far more than 100 different items want to be found, used, combined, eaten or used in construction. Many new buildings allow you to build a powerful camp which offers protection and unexpected comfort. In contrary to Stranded I there is now a real adventure with several different islands, many diary entries and interactions with other islanders. Of course there are also single missions again. For example an island where you can play tower defense, a raptor hunting island or a mysterious color game. That's not enough for you? Take a look at the editor and create your own islands. A clever scripting system offers nearly unlimited options. Objects can be changed with definitions and scripts as well. It's even possible to add completely new objects and to modify the whole game this way. Features big islands with countless different animals and plants more than 100 (!) different items with various qualities a lot of distinctive buildings and vehicles a huge arsenal of different tools, weapons and ammunitions smooth day-night cycle dynamic lighting effects, particles, fog, reflecting water and blur effects a big adventure with ingame sequences and story elements many varied maps map editor with numerous options extremely comprehensive scripting system for interactive maps ...
5/5 1,191 Dec 03, 2020
Unreal Software
System Font Bold v1.0.0.1
System Font Bold v1.0.0.1 With Build 1809 of Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a system font size setting option, which made the text information displayed on the screen easier to read. The setting of other font attributes is not supported. The System Font Bold software grants access to further system font settings. It allows you to display the system fonts of traditional Windows programs in bold. Setting the special fonts of Windows 10 apps is not yet possible. You can find more information on the issues related to Windows 10 system font settings, related WinTools.Info tools, and their comparison in this article. System Font Bold is free to use and doesn’t require installation. It supports Windows 7/8/10 operating systems. It provides a unique option to make the text displayed easier to read in Build 1809 of Windows 10 and newer operating systems. MD5: b96ba06a4b678bbc69f03cfcfbbc7f2b Version: - Date: 2020-01-10 Add: Light/dark theme Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,892 Jan 13, 2020
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