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security.txt v1.0.1
security.txt v1.0.1 A cross-platform browser extension for displaying security.txt and humans.txt files. How does it work? As you browse the web and navigate to different websites, the browser extension checks the website to see if it supports either type of file. If it does, an icon is shown in the URL bar. You can click this icon to view more details about the text files that were located. What is security.txt? security.txt is a proposed standard that provides a means for websites and software authors to define their security policies. This is useful to security researchers or anyone who would like to responsibly disclose a vulnerability to the owners of the website or software. What is humans.txt? humans.txt is a less formal initiative for providing human-readable information about the authors of the website. Where to get it: This download is the Firefox extension. To get it for other browsers, choose below: Chrome and Chromium Install from the Chrome Web Store Opera Install from Opera addons (⏳ Approval pending since Jan 12th but is available if using Opera Developer or Opera Beta) Microsoft Edge Install from the Microsoft Edge Addon Store Install From Source Source is available on Github Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 638 Jan 30, 2020
Harmless Systems
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