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Magarena for Windows/Linux 1.93
Magarena for Windows/Linux 1.93 Magarena is an open-source, single-player fantasy card game played against a computer opponent. The rules for Magarena are based on (but not exactly the same as) Magic: The Gathering. Its main goals are an advanced AI, intuitive interface, engaging gameplay and program stability. Magarena was designed and developed by ubeefx as a hobby project. The name is a contraction of mage and arena. Development started in June 2009 and it became open source in November 2010. This generated a lot a valuable input and some nice contributions which finally resulted in the gold release in April 2011. The project was continued in May 2011 under a new maintainer, Melvin. Since then, more developers have joined the project and we release a new update every month. Release 1.93 (April 29, 2018) ============ Fulmene kelsioboy Martin Petricek melvin ShawnieBoy - remove "to mana pool" from abilities that produce mana - simplify and generalise code for parsing target choice - support abilities that trigger when a counter is put on a card, or one or more counters are put - support Saga subtype, historic keyword, and legendary sorceries - added the following to the card script: * trigger: Whenever you put one or more counters, <effect> - fixed the following bugs: * revealed libreary cards are not tracked corrected during MCTS rollouts (issue #1506) * Sequestered Stash incorrect mana cost for activated ability * Deathgorge Scavenger did not exile target card from a graveyard (issue #1547) * Verdant Sun's Avatar triggers for any permanent, not just creatures (issue #1547) * Scrap Trawler able to return artifact card with same converted mana cost as the artifact you control that is put into a graveyard from the battlefield (issue #1556) - added the following cards: Admiral's Order, Arterial Flow, Atzal, Cave of Eternity, Blazing Hope, Bloodcrazed ...
5/5 1,295 Jun 15, 2018
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