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SyncBackFree V9.3.40.0
SyncBackFree V9.3.40.0 SyncBackFree - the best Windows backup and synchronization program on the planet with great features and benefits at no cost SyncBackFree gives you: • Backup and Synchronize: Copy files in both directions • Restore backup files easily • Email logs • Run programs before and after profiles • Schedule backups • Unicode enabled for non-English filenames • Simple and Advanced mode • Runs on Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista (32/64 bit) • Extensive Help Documentation • Completely Free Windows Backup solution! SHA-256 = b2c322cec48b6cfc70c1019627928b2453d0d9131f03dd36572b5c35b28e58e4 V9.3.40.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (1st July 2020) New (Pro): S3 compatibility support for Oracle Cloud New (Pro): Option to record files that could not be retrieved because they are in cold storage as warnings instead of errors New: Can choose not to copy reparse (Junction) point files (these are often symbolic links on Windows Subsystem for Linux) New: Option to record files that could not be copied because they are locked (open) as warnings instead of errors New: -vgn command line parameter to run a profile as part of a group (so the group variables can be used by the profile) Updated (Pro): With SFTP keyboard authentication, all SFTP engines will default to using SFTP password if user cannot be prompted Updated (Pro): S3 endpoints Updated: On Differences window, the pop-up menu now lets you choose an action even if it does not apply to all selected items Updated: When filters are changed there are now fewer prompts to change existing file and folder selections to match new filters Updated: SmartFTP is deprecated and will be removed in future versions Updated: OpenSSL libraries Fixed (Pro/SE 64-bit): The installer was not detecting if SyncBackPro/SE was running Fixed: If the source or destination path is a symbolic link to a UNC path then it may fail Fixed: When using multi-zip it would record missing files as errors even when configured to record them as warnings Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,662 Jul 02, 2020
2BrightSparks Pte. Ltd.
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