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Last Update/Developer
Alternate WebKit Lite Theme Pack
Alternate WebKit Lite Theme Pack Theme-Pack with 25 additional themes for Alternate Webkit Lite (every theme consists of a blank image-file to insert your own logo)
0/5 2,289 Jun 27, 2015
Alternate Tools
Classic Theme Restorer for Firefox 1.6.4
Classic Theme Restorer for Firefox 1.6.4 The Classic Theme Restorer (Customize UI) for Firefox web browsers will restore the classic look and feel of Firefox 29 or earlier. This add-on restores squared tabs, the application button with application menu (known from Firefox for Windows), the add-on bar, bookmarks/history menu/sidebar buttons and other buttons. It moves star & feed buttons into location bar, adds status bar element to the ui and allows many items to be movable. All features are fully optional. Some buttons have to be moved to toolbars manually using browsers 'customizing' mode. Main features (on CTRs preferences window) Tab appearance: squared tabs (classic) Tab appearance: curved tabs (all colored and visible) Tabs not on top + [tabsontop="false/true"] attribute Tab width and height settings Tab title in Firefox titlebar Tab loading animations Tab close button on all tabs, active tab, toolbars start/end Restore tabs empty favicon Custom 'new tab' page url (Firefox 41+) Double click on tabs toolbar opens 'new' tab [Windows only] Hide tabs toolbar with one visible tab Custom colors for tab backgrounds, text and text shadow Custom tab separators Application button on toolbars (+ icon variations) Application button on titlebar [Windows only] Custom title for application button on titlebar [Windows only] Predefined/custom application button colors Small navigation toolbar buttons Movable back-forward buttons Alternative appearance for preferences/options page Open preferences/options page in a window (simulates preference window) Alternative add-ons manager appearance (Firefox 40+) ...
5/5 2,602 Apr 20, 2017
Ticket to Fear Halloween Desktop Theme
Ticket to Fear Halloween Desktop Theme A Microsoft Desktop Theme to make your desktop as creepy as you are. ;) Includes 8 high resolution images.
5/5 1,329 Oct 31, 2016
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