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TeraCopy v3.12
TeraCopy v3.12 Copy your files faster and more securely. Streamline your file management tasks by enhancing Windows file copy and move functions. Be in Control In case of a copy error TeraCopy will simply skip the problematic file, not terminating the entire transfer. It will also wait for network or device reconnection. You can skip unnecessary files manually to reduce the transfer time. After the transfer, you can easily retry only the failed or skipped files. Automate You can proactively handle file name conflicts, and in unattended transfers, TeraCopy enables 'Skip All' mode to prevent interruptions. It can also verify file integrity, generate reports and checksum files, and run PowerShell scripts automatically upon completion. File Verification TeraCopy verifies file integrity with support for 17 checksum algorithms (over 50 variations), including CRC32, MD5, SHA1, BLAKE3, xxHash3, and more. It can verify that destination files are identical to the source files and also generate or validate checksum files. Interactive File List In TeraCopy, the file list doubles as the log file, presenting file names, sizes, source and target checksums, as well as any encountered issues throughout the process. Task Queuing and History TeraCopy allows you to queue multiple file transfer operations, ensuring that they are executed one after another, rather than initiating multiple simultaneous transfers. Furthermore, TeraCopy retains all tasks and their associated file lists for a few days, allowing them to be reviewed later for troubleshooting or reference needs. Transfer Status TeraCopy provides comprehensive information about the transfer progress, including a speed graph, the number of skipped or failed files, average speed, and the remaining time to completion. Metadata TeraCopy offers extensive configurability, allowing you to choose specific metadata to copy, such as timestamps, streams, and permissions. For instance, you can opt to replicate only the folder structure or apply timestamps exclusively, tailoring the file transfer process to your specific requirements. Locked Files TeraCopy facilitates the copying of locked files ...
5/5 8,780 Nov 27, 2023
Code Sector Inc.
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