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RapydMark v1.1a
RapydMark v1.1a Computer benchmarking tool for Windows to determine the performance of a computer's 3D graphic rendering and CPU workload parallel processing capabilities. No installation, unzip and run. MAIN FEATURES MULTIPLE TESTS 22 different tests, including one test in 3D. Tests measure single-thread performance of CPU and multi-threads. 64 AND 32 BITS RapydMark application in two versions, 64 bits and 32 bits for Windows 10 and 7. SUBMIT REPORTS You can submit your results reports to a cloud database for comparison with other reports from other users. SAVE REPORTS Allows to save the results reports to disk in plain text files for later study or to send by email. How to use this program ----------------------- - RapydMark.exe is the executable for 32 bits systems and RapydMark_x64.exe for 64 bits systems. - The 'Performance' column shows iterations per second, test performance. Also shows the threads used for the test (4th = four threads). - 'Memory cache performance' test only works with 4 threads maximum, because too many threads would use too much memory. In this test what is relevant is not the result shown in 'Performance', the true results are the processing times of each memory block. - GFLOPS results are not comparable with the GFLOPS of the CPU specifications. Only comparable with the results of this test. - The clock speed (GHZ) of the CPU description might not show the Turbo Boost speed. - In all tests, except for 'Memory cache performance', the iterations are divided among the execution threads. - Before run tests close all applications on your system for reliable results. Stress Levels: -------------- - Low stress level is the best for single-thread performance tests (all computers) or for multi-threads tests for low-performance computers. - Medium stress level is the best for medium/high performance computers. - High stress level it's only recommended for very high performance computers. Version history --------------- v1.1a - May 04, 2020: - Initial distribution. CATHEDRAL 3D TEST 3D test powered by Urho 3D engine. Up to 2.5 ...
5/5 1,095 May 05, 2020
Jordi Pérez
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