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Ping Alert 5.4
Ping Alert 5.4 Setup any # of consecutive PING loss to alert you on phones - PING monitor your internet or local lan servers with SMS / Mail / Sound alerts when get consecutive PING loss. You can setup consecutive 1 or 2 or 3,...10.. or..20..100..500.. ping loss to send you alerts. Only send you alert when ping consecutive loss the first time reach the setting number - No keep sending you alerts when the server remain ping loss. Alert you again when PING back to normal from loss "Enable sending mail alerts via 2nd SMTP server" - Mail will be sent out from our mail server and has option to send out from your own or public SMTP server such as Yahoo, Hotmail ..etc at the same time to let you get mail alerts independent of our server. Sound alert to get operators attention whenever ping timeout / loss I am alive notice - Keep mailing you the latest PING log periodically. Save PING loss data to log file and separate the logs file by date automatically. Different alert text for different host - Set up different text for different systems alert Allow to limit maximum SMS sending a day - Cap maximum # of SMS sending a day to avoid SMS alert sending for any abnormal situation. if you set max. # is 10 then the 10th SMS will have 10/10 in the end. Email alert will keep sending without such limitation. Not only monitor PING timeout but also monitor all other PING situation - Also include host is "Request Time Out","Dest Network Not Reachable" "Dest Host Not Reachable", "TTL Expired in Transit","TTL Expired Reassemb" .....etc Below is the alert text examples for SMS / Mail notification. You can setup the alert text or you ...
5/5 1,018 Jul 31, 2017
Ping GUI
Ping GUI PingGUI is a tool to ping one or multiple ip addresses and websites. Multiple destinations can be pinged simultaneously. The ping time will be shown in a graph and as text. Features: - ping ip addresses and websites - ping multiple destinations simulaneously - scan ip address range like 192.168.178.* - destinations can be saved in a list - timeout value can be entered - ping times (roundtrip) are shown in a graph and as text - destination(s) can be pinged continuously (a delay time can be entered) - connections can be kept alive - a trace route (tracert) can be done on multiple hosts by 1 click - an ip configuration (ipconfig) can be done by 1 click - results can be written to text or cvs file - using the settings window the default settings can be changed such as window size Version - changed: new executable compiled to reduce the number of false positives - improved: minor optimization
5/5 544 Sep 21, 2018
Peter Verbeek
Ping Monster 1.7
Ping Monster 1.7 This is a freeware ping monitor tool, with some alert actions like: send email, sound alert, http post. Features ICPM Ping monitoring hosts Config time interval between pings Email Alert Sound Alert HTTP Post Alert Log file
5/5 827 Dec 04, 2017
Eduardo Zola
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