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No Crappy Passwords v11.39
No Crappy Passwords v11.39 Takes your crappy password and makes it non-crappy Hashes, encrypts, and encodes lousy passwords based information from initial hashes, combined with user provided offsets. Creating easy to memorize systems of passwords and offsets, the possibilities are endless, with never a need to file your passwords to disc or entrust them to a password manager. Features Takes five seconds to figure out "No Crappy Passwords will take an input, presumably a crappy password, hash the crap out of it, and return an eighty five character password. It takes little imagination to come up with a system of easy to remember passwords and offsets that will produce these unbreakable final passwords." 'When you send a password to a website or database or other software which requires it, your password is not actually stored on the remote server, a _hash_ of your password is stored. A hash is like one way encryption, any string of text (or a file for that matter) will produce the exact same hash every time. However, you cannot determine what the string of text was that actually produced the hash in the first place, which is why companies store the hash of the users' passwords, it's much more secure, because while they can compare the hash created by your password to the hash on file, they don't know your actual password." "Wannabe hackers that brute force sites can send thousands of common passwords in attempts find crappy ones, and if the server in question isn't salting, or is improperly salting passwords, that can be a problem." "No Crappy Passwords eliminates this possibility by simply turning your crappy password into a ridiculously long and random password through hashing. Additionally, no two crappy passwords will be hashed in the same way, as the script doesn't determine how many ...
5/5 1,578 Sep 19, 2023
Dana Booth
Print Out My Passwords in Firefox v1.0
Print Out My Passwords in Firefox v1.0 The Mozilla Firefox web browser does not have a simple way to display all of your saved passwords (logins) so they can be printed. This script allows you to display all of your passwords so you can easily copy and paste them into a document for printing or saving. Download/view the full instructions at the bottom of this page by clicking "Download Now". Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,287 Jun 17, 2022
Strong Passwords Need Entropy v18.0
Strong Passwords Need Entropy v18.0 SPNE is a great strength and survivability checker, and a strong password generator Features: • 16 rules to be respected when it comes to password policy and security • Password properties • Search passwords in worst list (10,032 passwords) • Password generator via different modules: - Guid - Mac adress - Random - Serial - Prononceable word (Password Psychology) - Morse code (Password Psychology) - Emoticons (Password Psychology) - Cryptocode (Password Psychology) - Leetspeak (Password Psychology) - Hexspeak (Password Psychology) - Special dictionary - Piece of poetry Tools: - WPA2 key generator with histogram - Password versus Password - comparison - Pick up your pseudo - Hash detector INSTALL - No Adware No Spyware - 100% freeware - No install required. Just unzip in the directory of your choice - No modification of the registry - Requires no administrator authorization - Doesn't modify files outside own directories - Requires no internet connection SHA-256: E958D744913B29169BDA22236378D8C5B74DEF4ACBAF26AB5765F36155878996 Version 18.0 - Update from 19th of May 2021 • Updated length of password (maximum: 64) • Updated List of worst passwords (+22) • Improvement of pronounceable section • New function: Poetry section. Replacement of 'e' with other symbols • New function: Properties available in the list section • Improvement of histogram (WPA2 key) • New function: Create a dictionary from the list section • Improvement of design Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 3,677 Jun 18, 2021
Yadabyte Passwords v1.0
Yadabyte Passwords v1.0 A very simple, local password manager. Features: • Very Secure AES 256 Encryption • Works from any USB Key, floppy, hard drive… • Simple Minimal Interface with “Nokia” browsing. • Unencrypted data is never stored anywhere • Includes portable Pocket PC version, that works seamlessly on the same Passwords file. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 689 Mar 06, 2023
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